Modern Warfare 3: Spas 12 Team Deathmatch on Underground

Check out this exciting Gameplay video of Spas 12 TDM on Underground map.

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Pixel_Pusher2650d ago

here's another MW3 spas montage....f**king beast.


malol2650d ago

lol at the first comment "spaz 12..mw2's best sniper"

XD and in MW3 too

princejb1342650d ago

this a good map for shotgun since theres not much open space

thrasherv32650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

You mean these same comments? Yeah...

I thought it was ossum. Spas-12 was the only reason I played MW2 after 5 days.


THATS how shotguns should be

DARK WITNESS2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

ya, just wait till all the noobs start crying about it and it gets nerffed !

I still saw a bit of bullet lag going on. and it seem like they have uped the movement speed.


I hate the sound of everything else about this game, killstreaks stacking etc but its good to know the shotguns work.

the shotties in this game need to be like this on BF especially considering its more open ground on most BF maps.

Series_IIa2650d ago

That shotgun seems more balanced, only decent close range.

Dual 1887s in MW2 and the sniper shotguns in Bad Company 2 were terrible to be up against.

Kee2650d ago

From this video, the spas seems to have gotten buffed. It has way more range, now.

Tigerfist2650d ago

He said something about some sort of "Long Range" thingy, probably a perk. It's the same good old shotgun, I used it alot with the silencer.

PS: Still loving the fact that it looks exactly like MW2, UI and all. No sir, no effort at all on disguising it.

EVO-OM3GA2650d ago

He was using 2 attachments "range" lowers the spread but increases the range and grip we all know what that does lol but the shotgun looks great and with no stopping power less chance of 1 hit kills from a fair distance I got 1 hit by the spas alot in mw2 was annoying as fuck

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The story is too old to be commented.