Wanted: More women in video-game industry

Female developers are in demand for the perspective they bring to their work.

A sea change has begun, with a greater diversity of games hitting the market over the past few years. Games like L.A. Noire, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, and Fable are social, personalizable, and story-based—elements that research shows spark women’s interest.

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Pozzle2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

"are social, personalizable, and story-based—elements that research shows spark women’s interest."

It's interesting...I was thinking about why women don't seem to be all that interested in video games (and why many of my female friends don't "get" why I like gaming), and I think this is a big reason. A lot of women probably don't realize just how social or story-oriented games have become nowadays. Hell, my own friends are still convinced games are only about shooting and aliens, and that I'm "such a boy" for liking them...even though I rarely play shooters at all, and try to explain to them that games come in all types of genres nowadays.

Keep in mind, I'm only generalizing here...but women seem to be more interested in storytelling and characters than, say, other aspects of media. I suppose that's why many best-selling books are those that are geared towards female audiences (e.g. the Twilight series). Women love stories. I myself love stories. Hell, I even play games like Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat 9 mostly for the stories (even though their stories aren't the best in gaming's history). I think that if more women knew games like Uncharted and Heavy Rain even existed, they'd be more inclined to try them out.

That's just my two cents though. I could be completely wrong. :O

LightofDarkness2650d ago

I recently had a girl cheering on my every move while playing Deus Ex (Shanghai Justice side-quest). It was pretty funny, at first she seemed slightly miffed that I was playing it at all, but once she got the gist of the plot behind this mission she was out for a certain character's blood! It was hilarious.

"Find that F***er and KILL his arse!" she remarked.

After doing a thoroughly CSI investigation (which she enjoyed just as thoroughly) she seemed almost disappointed with my approach to resolving the situation, until the final piece of this little revenge story played out. Now she's pestering her boyfriend to buy it and let her play it :p

helghast1022650d ago

As long as they are more like Amy Hennig, it's getting a little tiring to see women in the industry just be the "face" of a company, or PR for some crappy social game.

SpartanZero2650d ago

There aren't that many females in the video game industry because the industry is focused on males. The problem is most games protaganist are males and games where the females are the main character they are usually some unreallistically sexy fantasy overexagerating character that isn't to be taken as role model like Heavenly Sword Bayonetta etc. Think of what it would be like if it was the other way around like playing Barbie online whith you being the only male with female gamers playing in a game where every character is female you would probaly be viewed to others as a gay like today some girl gamers are viewed at a tomboy because they play video games that are very manly. Thats my opinion.

Legion2650d ago

Look at Japan though. They have a large portion of their gaming community being female. Of course the females like the more whimsical fare like Jak and Daxter and such. Could be because a large portion of the Japanese games have a childish character to them?

malol2650d ago

Not really
its like saying need more girls in the arms industry

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