PS4: 10 features Sony need to incorporate to win the Next Gen console war

These are quite possibly the most anticipated 10 features Sony need to incorporate to the PS4 to win the Next Gen console war.

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ps4me2650d ago

Reasonable pricing, Cross game chat, PS3 backward compatibility and an awesome list of AAA launch titles might make Sony win the Next gen console war with release of PLAYSTATION 4.

Oldman1002650d ago

The only aspects that really matter are the price and the games. Anything over $399 is asking for trouble. Give it a reasonable price and great lineup of quality launch titles and you've got a winner.

Tachyon_Nova2650d ago

Damn console gamers are tight arses. You only have to buy a new system every 6 years or so and you aren't even prepared to pay $400 for it.

ps4me2650d ago

A good Launch window is also very crucial while releasing a new console.
This time PS4 should be released as close to the release of Xbox 720 as possible.

iamnsuperman2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Launch titles are never going to things like Infamous, god of war and all that. Launch is a time to try new ips. the reason for this is why waste a major exclusive at launch. Its logistically impossible to ship enough units to enough people to warrant a big major exclusive launch title. Also not everyone picks up a console at launch. Big exclusives will come around a year into the life of the console. It is a great way to promote new ips. I some how do not think the XMB has a major impact on sales. The XMB is very easy/ dumb friendly to navigate what more do you want. I hope they do not go down the firefox route (my personal opinion).

Main thing they need is price and great games with at least decent specs along side the next xbox. The reset has little impact to no impact.

shreeveera2650d ago

A Google Chrome or a Firefox browser would be really cool.
The current PS3 browser is broken and doesn't feel comfortable at all.

scotchmouth2650d ago

Working in International Logistics, I fail to see how this is impossible. As long as production meets a goal of producing 'x' number of units then those units can be shipped in a timely fashion. This even takes into consideration Customs and other obstacles that may slow the process down. You'd want about three to four weeks to ship globally from the overseas production facility to get into a container, on to a ship, moved globally put on shelves.

All you need is a set date and coordination between your production team and logistical team.

If the marketing portion of the launch is aggressive and gets people talking about big launch titles they would probably have a better chance of moving those units off the shelves.

So the best idea is to have some large day 1 games on the system release and an extremely aggressive marketing campaign. I'm not worried about the unit price point because I think Sony learned a lot from that.

Wintersun6162650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Somebody really has no idea about the hardware of consoles and the hardware's effect on price. Demanding 8GB RAM, DVI port and dual-HDMI AND an affordable price at the same time.

Also I think XMB is the most easy-to-use interface I've ever seen. Though it would be better to be able to choose from 2 different interfaces, XMB and something that looks like they stuffed a bucket full of different color paints, shapes, figures and a little dose of ADHD and blow it up with dynamite. I'm more than happy to have the eye candy in my games and movies and keep it away from my XMB.

Also why would someone want the boomerang controller? It looks like the most uncomfortable controller I've ever seen. Seriously, just add some more bulk to the DS and fix the damn triggers and also sell alternative controllers with xbox-like analogue placement and everyone should be happy.

IDK if PS3 supports SSD's but if it doesn't, definitely add support for them for PS4.

And I'd also rather wait longer for a finished and tested console than have a rushed one die on me.

shreeveera2650d ago

XMB is already >5 years old and really looks dated and lacks Eye-candy.
The new User interface used in PSVITA looks cool though.

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