Max Payne 3 will utilize Euphoria Physics Engine

SchollA from writes- As via Twitter on Rockstars account, they confirmed they are utilizing the Euphoria Physics Engine.

...Here is the tweet:

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LOGICWINS2655d ago

Rockstar should release remakes of Max Payne 1/2 on PSN. The PS2 ports were garbage. I'd love to revisit the stories again.

Machioto2654d ago

Naw!,it should be on one disc,hd remake with Max Payne 3.

WhiteLightning2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

It would be nice for them to do this before Max Payne 3 comes out but it's highly unlikely.

But yeah it should be on disc not be downloadable. Like many others I don't have the space to spare

BubbleSniper2654d ago

just get the PC version. you can max it out easily.

max payne in the first max payne game looked like he was shitting all the time.

Droid Control2655d ago

Judging by what i've seen and heard of MP3 Rockstar should leave the series alone and sell it back to Remedy!

Fishy Fingers2655d ago

And in reality what have you seen/heard? Very little. Why not wait and see eh.

Neckbear2654d ago

Well, the game being set in Brazil, with Max being a bald old man herpaderpasokewl and the screenshots showcasing chest-high walls, I'd say Rockstar doesn't have any faith in Max Payne per se. They don't have hope in the decently-written game with an emphasis on bullet time and all that crap; on a noir/comic book-styled game about a man who lost his everything.

Instead, they've faith on the typical third person shooter game of today: a bald guy with a probably grunty voice shooting people and blah blah blah. So they just said "but hey, we'll need a name for marketing..." and they bought Max Payne. I don't even know why they did so.

But honestly, look at the concept art, at the screenshots. At all the evidence out there that showcases this is Max Payne on title alone, as I've previously said.

Why not wait and see? Because I've seen enough. And this isn't the first, nor the last time this kind of crap happens to a series of games I've liked.

NYC_Gamer2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

From the screens released/setting of the game it does not have that classic dark noir max Payne vibe.just will just be another 3rd person shooter with multiplayer.

Micro_Sony2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

HAve to agree with NYC.

MP3 art style looks more like a 50 cent game.

MP3 should look more like Alan Wake


Max Payne 2

EdwardS0872655d ago

Doesn't look like MP....

Micro_Sony2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

1000x agree with you

The person that disagreed with you must have just started gaming on the PS3 or 360.

They took away that Noir art style and are trying to give us a game that looks like Resident Evil 5 And Gears.

Hell the concept of the game reminds me of Fast Five with Vin Disel which was a horibble movie.

EdwardS0872654d ago

That's exactly it. What I have seen so far is lacking that grimy,seedy adult underbelly feel. The dark, snowy streets of new york which illustrated the grimmer side of humanity through prostitution/drugs/crime complimented MP 1&2 thus creating one of the best game atmospheres/level design that are seldom matched in terms of immersion. As for the disagrees, its N4G--they are like herpes. Doesn't matter how truthful something is, someone always hits the button. Like this remark, watch...

isarai2654d ago

Euphoria is not a physics engine -_-

isarai2654d ago

Wait, how the hell did i get disagreed? It's a fact!! Euphoria is not a physics engine, it is an animation and AI program for characters that uses the gems physics engine to turn ragdolls into self aware ragdolls

LOL seriously how the hell are you going to disagree with a fact?


I don't know... personally I am willing to give R* the benefit..

I have been impressed with all their games this gen and I have been impressed with the tech especially. I love how they used their engine in GTA4 and RDR. I have also enjoyed their story telling.

GTA4 ok, it was not as good as other gta games but I felt a bit of a return to the good old gta style with the two dlc packs.

they have delivered real quality stuff this gen so lets wait and see.

Micro_Sony2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I agree with what R* has done this gen has been impressive but they need to really work on making games dont feel repetative.

Missions in GTA4 were Go to point A shoot thugs reach point B pick up something or someone and go back to point A.

RDR was a little better but you could still feel GTA in the game.

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