Disgaea 3: Return playable at Tokyo Game Show

Gematsu: "Disgaea 3: Return will be playable at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s booth during the Tokyo Game Show next week. We already knew that. Sony technically only officially announced its playability today. We’re only reporting on it because it came with three new screenshots and artwork of new character Rucharu."

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xtheownerzx2655d ago

Man I wish I was going to Tokyo Game show. I have never gotten into the series but I've always been interested in it. I should really pick it up someday.

Stunt2655d ago

When Vita comes out, D3R will be waiting for you!

MasterCornholio2654d ago

At least i will never run out of games to play with the PSVita.

So happy that not only does it have great tech it will have great games as well.

Vita = NGP = Next Generation Portable

Canary2654d ago

Er... it's probably best to save sentiments like that for games that can ONLY be played on the Vita. Like the 3DS, many of the "top tier" Vita titles are ports of older games from other platforms, or portable versions of home console games.

And I'm pretty sure everyone knows what the Vita is, and are more familiar with the term Vita than NGP.

Anyway, as for Return... gotta say I'm a bit disappointed with it, provided that screen is from the actual PSV version, not the PS3 version. It seems to use the same, low-res sprites. I would have hoped that Return would use the same, sexy HD sprites as Disgaea 4.

MasterCornholio2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Sure there will be some ports. But most of the titles are new games and new IPs. The only handheld that i have seen with an excessive amount of direct ports or remakes is the 3DS. This is just my opinion but that is how i see it.

The Vita will have a huge variety of great games to play. Anyone who says otherwise is just being a fanboy.

Canary2654d ago

I have a feeling you're probably right, what with there being several big PSP franchises aching for the Vita upgrade--from Gundam and Macross to Project Diva and Legend of Heroes--but the thing is, that hasn't really happened yet... and people were saying the exact same thing about the 3DS last year.

Just going through Wiki's list of Vita titles, picking out the high-profile games (about 30-40% of the total):

Assassin's Creed Virtues
Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend
Call of Duty Allied Mobile Force
Disgaea 3 Return
Dynasty Warriors Next
Gravity Rush
Little King's Story 2
Persona 4: The Golden
Resistance: Burning Skies
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Street Fighter X Tekken
Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Four are ports, and all but 2 or 3 of the others are simply "handheld" versions of other games. I'm not commenting on the QUALITY of any of the games, mind you, just that in terms of variety, there's very little on that list that cannot be found on another platform. The biggest reason for the success of the PSP (and the NDS) were the fact that the platform offered games of a kind that could NOT be found on any other platform.

Without that variety, we'll be stuck with a very homogenous game environment with little to offer to core gamers... much like the state of the Xbox 360 and PS3 libraries for those first few years.