GameNTrain: Uncharted 3 Podcast Episode 2

GameNTrain: Let me start off by saying, I really appreciate all the feedback I got from the first podcast from people on PSN, Twitter and over email. It is such a great feeling to know someone gives a crap about the things you do for others. With that said, since many of you asked “Where is Part 2″, I figured I’d jump on that ASAP and give you some fresh takes on the game and pretty much kill time until the greatest release date of the year. Due to some complications, we were unable to have a special guest join us but I promise he will be on the next episode. Yeah! There will be a 3rd episode and I have stuff planned for a 4th after the release of the game, so I have plenty of UC coverage coming your way here in the next 2 months. Hit the jump….it’s UC3 baby….

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