360° Wants You to Play Battlefield 3 Exclusive "Do you remember when was redirecting users to Well, that story ended a couple of days ago in court with Activision winning the case. Now, the legal team at Activision has a new case on their hands."

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Mister_V2656d ago

Silly kids... at it again. I hope there isn't a MW4 though...

iXenon2656d ago

I believe Modern Warfare is a trilogy...

...then again...*looks at Halo*

Nitrowolf22656d ago

I'm pretty sure it'll end with MW3, but a new COD game will arise from it possible under a different name. IDK just my take

Mister_V2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Maybe there'll be a prequel? The story of SOAP before he enters the SAS?

SilleGamer2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Yeah it can be guaranteed that the Modern Warfare franchise will live on in one form or another.

Cpt_kitten2656d ago

ummm you do know halo is more story than dudebros running around

there is a timeline to halo where cod again is just dudebros running around and there is no story think before you troll what you don't know because your to stupid to open your mind

Tachyon_Nova2656d ago

Thye did make noises about it being a trilogy, but it is going to be pretty difficult for them to play out an entire world war from start to end in one 4-8 hour campaign don't you think? I would be surprised if MW4 never comes about.

CrimsonEngage2656d ago

What you said makes no sense. Halo is a trilogy. 3 Halo games. The 4th is the start of a new Trilogy. Every other Halo game is a spin-off.

RedDead2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Yeah Modern Warfare...and Black ops and World at war etc... MW1>>>Blops>WAW> ;MW2

BF3 > MW1

DasTier2655d ago

@Mister_V Yeah a prequel like one based in world war 2! Oh wait...

Washington-Capitals2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

LOL, BF3 better then Mw1? You are probably the biggest troll ive seen all week. Somehow you've fully played BF3 and deemed it better then one of the greatest FPS games of this generation/decade (00-10). Nice.

Heartnet2655d ago

@Cpt Kitten

He was just mentioning that Halo was 2 meant to be a trilogy and now there is a 4th to the series :)

You sir are just Flaming some facts that your to indenial to see..

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GSpartan7772656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

There probably won't be. Infinity Ward has been surprisingly quite about their next project. They haven't hinted that they plan on doing a sequel and with Sledgehammer coming in, it think that they are ready to move to something else, most likely still COD related but not Modern Warfare. I know Teryach is developing the next Call of Duty but so far nothing from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer.

iXenon2656d ago

Then again, it is Activision.

Didn't they register Space Warfare or something? Maybe that'll be next. Their own Halo Killer app

DarkTower8052656d ago

"Infinity Ward has been surprisingly quite about their next project. "

"I know Teryach is developing the next Call of Duty but so far nothing from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer."

MW3 hasn't even gone gold yet and is set to release in 2 months. Why would they talk about the next game when this one isn't even done yet?

Rivitur2655d ago

Because Activision is a bunch of greedy snobs milking a mediocre franchise to the people with no memory of the prior games as they are all the same...

SilentNegotiator2655d ago

Battlefield fanboy kids are at it again? Sheesh.
Leave the advertisement to EA, tools. And stop pretending like it was for "giggles" when clearly you're trying to promote BF3.

GSpartan7772656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Meh! Since we don't know if there will be a MW4 this is kinda pointless.

Criminal2656d ago

I see what you're saying, but most likely the modern warfare brand will stay in one way or another. Activision are fighting in court with Respawn Entertainment over the brand name.

Hufandpuf2656d ago

COD: The Final (not really) Frontier.

bub162656d ago

Its only funny once...

xVeZx2656d ago

i dont get how that is fair that those people lost that modernwarfare3 domain name....they own that domain fair and square they can do whatever they want with could the court do anything about

wallis2655d ago

Firstly it counts as libel but most importantly they were promoting another persons video game. Pepsi can't go out and register and have it filled with reasons why coca-cola gives you cancer before redirecting you to a website about how awesome pepsi is.

It's one thing to go out and slander a product but it's something else entirely to promote one of their competitors simultaneously. Whether or not the owners were sponsored by EA is debatable, but the point remains that they COULD have been. If you allowed that then suddenly the internet would be awash with Apple sponsored websites of that feature bill gates having sex with your mother, and then on the other side of things there'd be which could very well feature a "where's wally" style hunt for Steve Jobs' new pancreas.

Yeah that was low but I think it was worth selling part of my soul to satan.

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