Resident Evil: Revelations Will Feature Dual Voice Options, Chapter-Based System

Capcom has updated the official Japanese Resident Evil: Revelations website with new game play details. Players will be able to switch from English to Japanese and vice versa at any point and time in the game. Revelations will introduce a more cohesive chapter system similar to Alan Wake.

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WhiteLightning2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Urgh...a chapter system

One of the many things people didn't like about RE5 and they put it in the next RE. Can't wait to see what RE6 will be like since they love to ignore our feedback ¬¬

AngelGirl162624d ago

What wrong with the chapter system. The last time i check this is a portable game and chapters are a great inclusion. You can easily replay your favorite level instead of going through the game all over again.

DarkBlood2624d ago

maybe because you cant back track to a certain place in chapters which makes puzzles almost useless

im not sure but again chapters work if the story takes place in more then one location i mean realistically you cant expect an entire adventure to take place in one area for the next games and so forth

how many times a experince survivor get trap in a mansion lol

Pozzle2624d ago

Hasn't every Japanese RE game either had a dual Japanese/English option or just an English option? Or am I mistaken?