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Submitted by StickTwiddlers 1615d ago | news

Zen Studios & Team Meat At Loggerheads Over Microsoft Comments -StickTwiddlers

We’ve been following the recent tweets of Zen Studios and Super Meat Boy after a member of Zen Studios came out today with comments about a different side of the story of Team Meat’s negative experience of working with Microsoft. (Industry, Team Meat, Zen Studios)

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Godmars290  +   1615d ago
I missed the bit where Sony turned them down, so now they can never put their game on a Sony system.
Letros  +   1615d ago
Guess you did,

"Sony was the only one that didn't express much interest in the game. We assumed this meant they didn't want the game, and [we] decided to sign with Nintendo and Microsoft."
Godmars290  +   1615d ago
PSN is getting XBL titles a year after the fact. After they've been announced as "exclusive". What's the difference here?
Letros  +   1615d ago
When they signed the publishing agreement, it was negotiated that they were not allowed to release the game on PS3.
MoveTheGlow  +   1615d ago
"You're messing with my Zen thing, man!"

Needed to be said.

But what the heck? Why, if they're so "chilled out" as they say at the end of their interview on the same site, are Zen getting all uppity about a few indie designers? Great designers, mind you, awesome even, but just a few! Why is it their problem?

I really don't care about console exclusivity with Team Meat anyway - they make iterative changes on the PC, and it's awesome.
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Megaton  +   1615d ago
Team Meat, son.

Nevermind their opinions on Microsoft. Zen made that GARBAGE game, Punisher: No Mercy, for PS3. One of the only things I ever regretted buying from the PSN. Their whole catalog isn't half as good as Super Meat Boy.
manman6  +   1615d ago
I bought Punisher:NM and I have to agree it was a BIG disappointment.
KingSlayer  +   1615d ago
Looking forward to Indie Game: The Movie. Zen should have just stayed out of it and expressed their positive experience rather than headline grab. They, imo, are bitch made.
UP  +   1615d ago
WTF was with the Jab at sony. Team meat have no relations with Sony how does that help their argument.
Darky  +   1615d ago
Zen look so silly and stupid, why would they get into another developers business with MS other than to elevate themselves to Microsoft. The Zen employee should be fired, its pretty clear whomever at Zen was sending out the tweets was back tracking by kissing Super Meat Boys' ass.

An idiot looking for a leg up on someone elses comments, classic.
gamer7804  +   1615d ago
It's pretty easy to see just in the tone of how these two companies talk and present themselves, why Zen has had such a good experience and why Team Meat has not.

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