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Xbox360-308,000. Not bad. Hope someone leaks Sony and Nintendo's numbers.

Edit: @ Angel How would you know if Sony did bad or better than last year without the numbers? Price cut happened mid August as well.

kingdoms2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

I predict US sales of 3 million a month in the later holiday months. Last year 360 sold 1.9 million in DEC.

I read an article that was pulled from N4G
few minutes ago with Sony talking "resource constraints" like in the good o'l day of lies. I knew then, Sony hyping up exclusives earlier was damage control( the article vanished)

Somebody even bypassed the first story and people are reporting the first article as the duplicate story. I guess this title isn't as offensive?

first article

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With Gears 3 out this month, I could imagine September doing twice this amount.

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ForROME2531d ago

I swear this little machine defies the odds in NA over and over no matter what the comp does

Good for you MS - well deserved

xPhearR3dx2531d ago

Gamers realize the 360 is a good console, whether they only own a 360 or it's PS3 users picking one up. Fanboys are just in denial.

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Dante1122531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

@ ForRome and xPhear

^^QFT. Wonder if they did well overall WW from this US boost as well.

littletad2531d ago

Let's hope it doesn't go to their heads.

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