Neocrisis: Hard Reset NOT coming to either PS3 or 360

Neocrisis: In our newly posted Hard Reset Interview, we were told that Hard Reset is NOT making its way to either PS3 or the 360. It is also safe to assume its not coming to Wii either.

Use the following link read our full Hard Reset Interview -

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Jonah_Reese2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Aaaawwww Okay. One less game, I guess that good for me. I guess.

CBaoth2651d ago

bladerunner meets bioshock but w/ robots. already bought, 5 days until this & red orchestra 2 unlock

ATi_Elite2651d ago

Whoa! I was totally unaware of the release date for Hard Reset (blinded by Red Orchestra 2)!

Never fear STEAM is here......pulls out Credit Card....$26.99 later..... PURCHASE CONFIRMED!!

well that makes 77 games in my Steam library! Hard Reset is a throw back title to old school gaming.

See ya on the Eastern front CBaoth!!

MrDead2651d ago

Well I'm glad I have a PC and PS3, I miss out on very little

Quagmire2650d ago

Save for the great 360 exclusive titles

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