140° THQ: Cloud Computing & Data Storage Maybe The Future – No More Discs "THQ CEO Brian Farrell was presenting his keynote speech at the Cloud Gaming conference in San Jose, USA. In his speech he talks about what Cloud Gaming can do for the gaming industry and more importantly, what it means for THQ."

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nolifeking2653d ago

Maybe, in the same sense that, maybe, pigs will grow wings to escape land predators.

JsonHenry2653d ago

That'll teach you kids to trade used games and cause us to lose a few dollars! /s

aaaaaaaaa2653d ago

How can it be the kids fault? they can't help it if they don't get enough money to buy all the games they want to play, plus it's not the kids fault that the DEV's/Publishers are greedy.

Games are the only product that i know of that once you have parches it you still don't own it!. No other industry behaves like this so why does the software industry.

can you imagine Ford or any other big name company doing what the software industry is trying to do, you wont be able to trade in your old car for a new one, you cant sell it to a private buyer in fact all you would be able to do with it is to scrap it or park it up to rot.

JsonHenry2653d ago

^^ Couldn't agree more!

Mario4life2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

imo it will be an alternative or option, but never the main method of gaming

Cosmit2653d ago

I don't see it becoming the main method to gaming. Usually I'm buying all my PC games Digitally for the deals/savings but for consoles i Don't see that happening.