Gamejournos calls out stolen content from HipHopGamer

A blog post in which GameJournos carefully compiles a list of examples of content that has stolen from other sites.

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WolfLeBlack2569d ago

I'm so mixed on whether to approve this or no. On one hand, it's really not something that I think a lot of the N4G community will be bothered about, but as someone who writes about games I want to see this presented to the public

iamnsuperman2569d ago

I care..The shoutout thing is wrong. I know he think he is cool but saying shout out but source is more official and shout out is unprofessional (gives the impression that HHG basically created the story with a little help). Also not linking to the article is just bad. Not hard to do. Not sure why the article link isn't there.

snipermk02568d ago

OMGG!! HHG steals articles from other websites? *gasp* /end sarcasm

Tired2568d ago

Sometimes I have read a news story in the paper...and 2 days later read an almost identical story covering the same information.

Never have I seen mention of their sources or indeed have seen evidence of a 'shoutout'.

Whinge...Whinge...Who cares?

Biggest2568d ago

Someone seems sad that HHG is more important than they are. If I had a nickel for every story about a story about a story taken from multiple other stories. . . I'd have a hell of a lot of nickels. All you fake journalists use each other's crap. No one cares that you aren't as good at it as other people.

Jack_n_Hoff2569d ago

He has always done this, he browses n4g, makes a video and claims to be an insider. Funny none the less.

ryhanon2568d ago

Now if he'd only start stealing videos from somebody with talent and a clue maybe he'd not suck so much.

evrfighter2568d ago

Ya he's been called out on n4g many times for camping the waiting for approval articles considering his audience doesn't know about n4g they figure he's got contacts

Christopher2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

This is so timely...

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