The 8 Most Eligible Video Game Bachelorettes, and Why They Are Still Pretty Much Un-dateable

No matter how tough meeting girls is when you play lots of videogames, at least here in real life, none of them can cleave you from head to groin for picking the wrong dialogue option, (although some of them may still want to). So, in appreciation of that, we here at Game Zone have decided to whip up a list of the most eligible video game bachelorettes, and the pros and cons of making them your special lady friend.

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lance422658d ago

Awesome list and hilarious spin on it.

Trophywhore2658d ago

I dont see how anyone could find peach attractive. The looks too much like a classic doll.

But this article seems to have dating confusing with one time flings, which I would gladly like with most of this list. :)

Iroquois_Pliskin2657d ago

lol at Jade... wouldnt it be easier to find a ps2? lolol

Legion2657d ago

I am sorry... the list should have at least had either Jack or Samara from Mass Effect 2.

Both girls would end up killing you after or during sex, either for the fun of it or for some strict honor code.

Or better yet Morinth who was Samara's mate killing daughter.

JohnnyMann4202657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Are they really eligible if they are not real?

Aren't they still un-dateable because they are not real?

That being said, I would F*** the S*** out of Samus faster than you can say Princess Robot Bubblegum!

TheSanchezDavid2658d ago

Hilarious list! Good stuff. My personal favorite is Samus Aran. Girl got booty!

lifesanrpg2658d ago

Kerrigan is just creepy....

The Matrix2657d ago

Kerrigan is freaking hot.

KingSlayer2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

They're un-dateable b/c the bitches AIN'T REAL.

EDIT: Dude, then it should be funny. It's not.

lance422658d ago

Dude, it's just supposed to be funny.

lifesanrpg2658d ago

Someone got rejected when he asked out Princess Peach

kcuthbertson2658d ago

I think you're the only one who didn't find any humor in the article then..

Lord_Sloth2658d ago

You, sir, have no sense of humor, nor any originality since you posted the whole "ain't real" card that's always played by insecure people like yourself.

Great article and beats the hell out of all the PS3/360 fanboy BS we have to put up with.

KingSlayer2657d ago

By all means, fantasize about cartoon women all you want. You probably loooooove the "best booties in games"! LULZ

Lord_Sloth2657d ago

Not particularly and I don't fantasize very often about any1, fictional or real in truth.

The simple fact is though that fictitious women are designed to be attractive and there's no need to be such a schoolyard bully about those who are willing to admit such.

Also you're out of bubbles so I win.

And don't PM me like the last few people. I'll just delete it without reading.

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DemonStration2658d ago

I like that the list gets weirder and weirder as it goes

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The story is too old to be commented.