NPD: PS3 Sees 'Very Strong Sales, Positioned for Amazing Holiday'

Sony has just issued its NPD related statement and as usual the company did not disclose actual sales numbers, but Sony does indicate that sales picked up quite a bit after the $50 price cut in mid-August.

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donniebaseball2656d ago

Why can't they ever give out actual numbers? Annoying. Anyway, I do think they'll have a pretty damn good holiday.

MAJ0R2656d ago

because they want that uncertainty

Dante1122656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

@ PIMP below

Why would they have to "brag like Microsoft", Pimp. If they were to follow that route, they would've did so with their WW figures every year (Such as in 2010 when they outsold the 360 by 2.3 million even with Kinect and the past price cut. I mean, that would've been their time).

Edit: lol @ disagrees. I guess they should start bragging like Dan, huh?

Army_of_Darkness2656d ago

I really want the PS3 to lead, which hopefully developers will start taking notice and utilizing the PS3 to it's full potential even if the 360 can't handle it;)

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DaTruth2656d ago

Because NPD asked that nobody go public with information from their reports!

They charge over $10,000 to their customers for these reports and some bastards are just giving them away for free. Analysts should be paying to see these, but for many years they were getting this info for free!

A key part of MS's strategy in the US is looking like they are popular, because Americans are hung up on cool and popular, so they do it anyway!

gamingdroid2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Actually, NPD asks other to keep it quiet on behalf of the companies. Sony is free to release their own numbers just like MS does.

That is a really short statement though. Is that the official NPD response?

kaveti66162656d ago

"Analysts should be paying to see these"

I disagree. The free dissemination of knowledge should be considered a right.

PimpDaddy2656d ago

Judging by your comments... You're hung up on dissing Microsoft and Americans. Hate all you want. But Microsoft is doing something right in the US if they are still managing to outsell the PS3 even after the Sony reduced the price again.

Maybe people in the US just like the 360. Like the 360 games. Like the 360 online service. Like the 360 controller. So sorry that not everybody shares your opinion.

On topic: Sony didn't disclose their numbers because they didn't beat Microsoft in the US. Plain and simple. You better believe that if they had outsold the 360 in the US they would post numbers and brag about it just like Microsoft does.

DaTruth2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Judging one comment I made in the last 24 hours that you're fanboy mind is taking to heart!

Nothing in my comment you are currently commenting on is against MS and everyone knows Americans are hung up on popularity; Americans would tell you so!

You have poor judgment!

@Kiveti: You wouldn't be saying that if you were working hard for that information! The fact is, the information wouldn't exist if it were free!

death2smoochie2655d ago

"A key part of MS's strategy in the US is looking like they are popular, because Americans are hung up on cool and popular, so they do it anyway!"


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kingdoms2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Sony stopped doing that when their price cuts no longer boosted the PS3 past the 360 in sales. Sadly it's been like this for months now. Sony just waits for the quarterly reports usually after MSFT comes with their numbers then Sony will ;)

This last report MSFT went 2nd and it showed the truth, then Sony dropped the price of the PS3 about 3 months later. Sony couldn't or didn't wait for MSFT this time so they were not able to claim they sold a bit more... every time.

People started paying attention to what Sony says after they lied about PS MOVE sales.

Clarence2656d ago

Your a funny dude. Every time the PS3 has dropped its price 360 dropped its price.

Not only that the numbers for the PS3 have always been higher than 360 after a price drop has accrued. The reason behind this is the 360 has always had the cheaper console on the market.

How many times has M$ changed its numbers after seeing the numbers that Sony posted.

Troll somewhere else

Dante1122656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Lol, I remember when that happened. Stuff got downplayed too quick and was made as if it was ok since according the folks defending it,Sony did it too. Hence all the shipped vs sold BS this year.

jetlian2656d ago

that was in 2009 you know 3 years after the 360 came out. PS3 had a system reduction price cut less than 1 year after release aka 2007. So no MS does not have a price drop everytime sony does.

OllieBoy2656d ago

Only a matter of time. Hard to ignore the ton of exclusives that has hit the system the past 3 years.

death2smoochie2656d ago

At the price the PS3 is selling for now, they will have a great holiday season.

nyobzoo2656d ago

that's expected when any console has a price cut

donniebaseball2656d ago

The initial spike in sales is expected, yes. The true test will be over the next several months and if PS3 can hold onto that momentum.

2656d ago
clearelite2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Considering the PS3's lack of marketing here in the US, they are doing exceptional here! Seriously, there word of mouth strategy was a bit slow here, but now the consensus is becoming that PS3 is the console to own. Once the illusion that it is "expensive" is shattered, it may become the number one console here at some point in the near future.

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