Does the second circle pad attachment suggest a new version of the 3DS is imminent?

Is Nintendo's Circle Pad add-on as calamitous a move for 3DS as you might think? Does it suggest a new version of the 3DS is imminent? Find out here.

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Trunkz Jr2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

No. DS to DS Lite was 2 years, I doubt they will make a new 3DS after making it $169.99 so soon. If people didn't like the 3DS at $250 why would they like it with an extra analog since in the end it's still a 3DS.

Also the price cut hurt them but at the same time gave them sales, the announcement of this extra analog attachment also hurts them, so why would they announce a new version after less then a year since release it will horribly corrupt their name. I mean the Wii-U (what a stupid name, broke my heart hearing it live @ E3) is already confusing many people, especially the whole "only 1 person can use it, rest need to use wii-motes) the hell?

PS. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, not to make this sound like i'm a sony fanboy, just don't expect a new 3DS Lite till maybe beginning of 2013.

mike1up2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Yea it is way too soon... but its still gonna happpen.

I mean, dude, look at how ugly that attachment is. Certainly doesnt look like a Nintendo machine to me. Think about it this way, the DS was a very "attractive" machine (not to sound weird or anything). It was slim, sleek and colorful. The Wii is also "attractive", not bulky and intimidating like this new 3DS add on.

I would definitely prefer a remodeled 3DS with dual circle pads.