GameSpot: NBA 2K12 Preview - My Player

Marko Djordjevic writes: The inclusion of a personalized career in sports game is nothing new and has been around for ages, so developers need to find ways of changing things up to entice gamers to return to this mode. My Player, NBA 2K12's player career mode, is seeing quite a few changes and additions over last year. We had the opportunity to start a career in the NBA and begin our path to the Hall of Fame.

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nevin12651d ago

I personally find My Player boring/flawed. I mean its quite lame you have to go to the target in order for the AI to move around. Its really stupid. I really don't understand that as during the tryouts and preseason, the AI will pass you the ball when requested but not during the regular season. The grading system is just bad. I hate those dumb interviews after every game. Sports games that focus on one player I find boring. I just like online Pick up games. I hope 2K finally fixes the online quality.Its a shame you can get 400 points max(A+) in online pick up games.

drdre742650d ago

How are you even getting pick up games? I try and get kicked every time I try and play online.