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Resistance 3 Online Pass Detailed, Works for All PSN Accounts on Same System

To join the resistance online you first need the Online Pass.
Sony Computer Entertainment began its Online Pass program for its first-party releases this week. Sony announced the system in July. The first game to use Sony’s Online Pass is Resistance 3, which released this Tuesday. (Insomniac Games, PS3, Resistance 3)

AngelGirl16  +   1326d ago
Nice. Now this should shut up all the haters who hates the psn pass.
Pixel_Pusher  +   1326d ago
Never thought I'd live to see the day when someone would actually defend DRM.

: /
GraySnake  +   1326d ago
i think he ment the hate that people were giving like, " OH YOU CANT DUAL LOG IN, PSN PASS FAIL!!!"

"Insomniac Games confirmed on its Twitter and Facebook that the Online Pass will work on all system accounts on the player’s PS3 console. This means that all users on the system, not just the PSN account the Online Pass is redeemed on, can play online in Resistance 3. NOTE: This was tested to work before publication of this article.

The Online Pass also allows for dual log-in, so two players with different accounts on the same system can join online games."

Yea DRM can be an ugly mess, but PSN Pass looks like it might be a case of positive DRM...if there is such a thing.
Pixel_Pusher  +   1326d ago
The funny thing is that I spoke with two of Sony reps and they both stated the same thing that the Online Pass was ONLY valid for one PSN account. I guess they received a bunch of angry phone calls and decided maybe it wasn't a good idea and relaxed the restrictions a bit.
RedDead  +   1326d ago
Yeah it ain't so bad now though, if you can use it on all accounts, anything besides that is Fu**ing BS. DRM is still a cunt though
Why o why  +   1326d ago
i confirmed this on tuesday. Not only can you use all accounts it can be spread to 5 different machines so IF you have a shared account each person could have a valid resistance pass on their console. Do this with ps plus and these passes and it doesnt seem that bad especially if any costs are shared between 5 people

@ mr beatdown

strangely the avatars you buy are NOT accessible from other accounts...of all the things to lock down¬_¬
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Farsendor1  +   1326d ago
some drm is a good thing,the ones that limit the installs are fine or binding account are fine but the ones that require online to be constantly on is a bit too much.
MrBeatdown  +   1326d ago

They were likely just idiots. Just about every online pass (or any piece of content for that matter, with the exception of a few games) on PSN can be accessed by everyone on the system.

That's actually how all PSN content works, and it works that way on up to five systems at a time, as long as you have your account set up on them.
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badz149  +   1326d ago
this needs clarification? all things downloaded off PSN are effective on the console you downloaded it to. and you can download it several times or into multiple PS3s using your PSN ID. so, no problem for multiple console owners!
Oldman100  +   1326d ago
What about those that own more than one ps3? Are they screwed into having to buy another online pass? If so that's bullshit.

Edit: Lol nevermind, i guess i should have read the article first.

"Technically if someone you know has a copy of Resistance 3 they can “gameshare” the Online Pass to your system, allowing you to play the multiplayer. To do this that player must log into their PSN account while under a different system account on your PS3. They then need to log into the PlayStation Network Store with their PSN account and download the Online Pass. Once downloaded it should work for all the system accounts on that PS3. A PSN account has five slots to do this with, meaning games and other items on the account can be downloaded on up to five different PS3 systems."
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Why o why  +   1326d ago
no, you download it off psn like you do any psn games you've purchased
P_Bomb  +   1326d ago
So Morgan Webb was wrong about its limitations in her R3 review? I'm shocked!

*that was sarcasm btw* :p
zak94ma  +   1326d ago
gaming is doomed .
Wintersun616  +   1326d ago
Now this is how Online Passes should be done!
vickers500  +   1326d ago
No. It's a little less worse than before, but it still sucks. You want to see how online passes should be done? Look at Alice: Madness Returns. The system that it used actually gave you a good incentive to buy it new, and didn't take anything away from the core experience.

The same cannot be said for EA and Sonys online pass system.
Heartnet  +   1326d ago
means u can play it on multiple consoles meaning u only have to buy it new once and then uc an go back to buying it pre owned if u wish to have another copy! YES!!!

vickers500  +   1326d ago
At the time I posted that comment, I did not know you could game share it and that ps3s you game shared it with could, no matter the account, use it on that system. That does make it a lot better. I thought it was just "all accounts on the system it was activated on could only use it".

But it would still be better if they offered something extra, instead of trying to take something away from used buyers. Oh well, I get to let friends borrow this game and have them play online, that was my biggest issue with the online pass, so now this doesn't upset me so much. I still disagree with it, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be.
BigDog55  +   1326d ago
It comes down to if you want a AAA game the developer needs to make money from there work and they are giving us free maps a dlc it is fair. You have to ask yourself if you want gamestop to have your money or the people that make the game.
SonyStyled  +   1326d ago
this inst "news". sony said the pass can be used by all ID's on the system its activated on when they announced the online pass program
Wintersun616  +   1326d ago
Did they also say you can share it with 4 other PS3s, like any other PSN content?

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