GamePro: The 15 Best XBLA Games

GamePro Staff: We nominated, we debated, we yelled and we argued. But after much deliberation, the GamePro staff has created the definitive list of downloadable Xbox 360 games on the Micorsoft Xbox Live Arcade service. In this guide to the best of XBLA, we discuss everything from addictive beat-em-ups to stealthy adventure games to some absolutely fantastic platformers. This list will constantly evolve based on new releases, so be sure to check back for the latest updates as new games knock old favorites down the list.

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Bigpappy2652d ago

I disagree with that list. But that is just my opinion of their opinion.

BuffaloBoobs2652d ago

Why the hell is this old-ass article posted?

bozebo2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Site is annoying. They split the article into loads of pages to get loads of page views, psht...

I just hope castle crashers ranked highly on it.

CrimsonEngage2652d ago

This list and site fails. No Battlefield: 1943? Only the greatest XBLA FPS game on XBLA. List sucks.