Digital Foundry: Ico/Shadow of the Colossus: PS2 vs. PS3

Finally! Over 14 months ago we heard that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were being remastered in high definition for the PlayStation 3, and we offered up some HD emulation to give you some idea of how these classic games could look on the latest Sony console. Since then, aside from a trailer or two, there hasn't really been much we could follow up on.

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NukaCola2655d ago

PS3 wins obviously. The draw distance for SotC is now unbelievable. The way the devs truly hoped for. Still amazing on PS2 to this day.

TruthBTold2655d ago

I can't believe how good it looked for the PS2. It obviously looks better for the PS3 and I am looking forward to it but for a PS2 game it was beyond what other games had for its time.

Ulf2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

SotC had some really interesting tech for rendering the distant terrain on the PS2, which took advantage of the sparse terrain, to great effect.

tarbis2655d ago

So beautiful, can't wait for Sept 27.

chrisgay2655d ago

2 of the best looking games of last generation are now 2 of the best looking games of the current generation. Should have released earlier without 3D- Ueda's timeless masterpieces don't need that tacky novelty. This is the first time since selling my PS3 that I'm really wishing I had it back. Though my PC does a pretty fine job of HDing up my PS2 copies, it isn't quite the same. Saves me some dolla I guess.

This and the MGS collection will be some of the finest games of the year. Says something about the current state of things, at least in comparison to last generation.

floetry1012655d ago

Interesting that they didn't boot the frame-rate right up to 60fps, perhaps it was an artistic decision.