Dead Island Becoming Hard to Find, More Copies Coming

If you’re thinking of picking up Dead Island this week, you might have a hard time finding it as majority of the stores in Canada and the United States are running low in copies.

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Marcus Fenix2656d ago

I think that's the case, my local store only managed 2 get few copies and some of my friends couldn't find the game and desperately searching for it, glad I had my reserved copy as I always do that.

Kran2656d ago

Running out?

Wow. I will admit this which is great about the PC version.... PC never run out of copies ;D Unless they're hard copies, but digital copies will never run out ;P

On another note, PLEASE let this game arrive tomorrow in my mail. PLEASE!!!! I hate it when the UK gets games 3 days later ¬¬

unknownhero11232656d ago

ah, that's the beauty of pc games(digital anyways). the best thing is, you never have to leave the house to get it. I would know that joy if I ever get a decent rig.

JaredH2656d ago

Honestly I think this is gonna be the next Borderlands in terms of success if this is true. I got Borderlands on day one in the morning and my friend couldn't find it anywhere later in the day and it seems the same is occurring for Dead Island.

StanSmith2656d ago

This game is amazing! I've been playing it for quite a few hours now and it's clear that reviewers have underrated it. Yeah there is clipping in some parts as well as some pop in, but that is the worst i've seen when it comes to glitches. If you like borderlands, then i suggest you pick this up.

The atmosphere in the game is amazing. It really pulls you in and genuinely makes you feel scared when you see a group of zombies.

BattleTorn2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

truly amazing game.


Although I usually don't like game-comparing references, this quote does actual hit the mark;

"Take the first-person, zombie battling action of Left 4 Dead, the quest system and the Co-Op part of Borderlands and combine it with the RPG elements of Fallout 3 and you get the closest possible definition of Dead Island."

SuperBeast8112656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Agree just add in dead rising 2 and i am having a BLAST with dead island I just got to the town and the rain has started to come the game kicks ass

BattleTorn2656d ago

wow, and Im still on The Resort.. hahaha

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The story is too old to be commented.