THQ "Future consoles will drop discs for cloud gaming" consumers bear the grunt

For his keynote presentation at Cloud Gaming USA in San Jose, THQ CEO Brian Farrell spoke of the various opportunities that come with gaming in the cloud and what that could mean for THQ.

Farral predicts that future consoles won't have disc drives, hypothesising that this "will result in a lower cost for the hardware manufacturer, which will result in a lower cost to consumers and therefore a lower entry point, thus driving more mass market adoption."

However, there is a major problem with the removal of a physical disk and drive, especially in countries like South Africa (SA).This is due to the need of a constant internet connection in order to access the software and files. 3G internet in SA could solve this, but it's still going to cost the consumer money (or precious cap). A physical disk and disk drive is needed in countries that do not have the comfort of having a permanent ADSL, 3G or broadband connection.

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Dart892651d ago

The day i can longer hold a physical copy of my game i quit or just go back to old school.

xPhearR3dx2651d ago

The day everything goes digital, the day piracy increases 1000%.

Lazy_Sunday2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Because cloud gaming requires an extremely extensive--not to mention, expensive server library to stream your game over the internet consistently in order to game. That means you need internets. They're talking about shit like Onlive. Not Steam or Origin.
Course those type of download speeds won't come for another 10-15 years, and hopefully everything will be wireless by then.
Even... electricity O.o *cue dramatic music*

malol2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )


thier is like shit loads of pirated games that uses steam works on the web
saying something like "Piracy doesn't exist with cloud gaming" is stupid with all due respect

unless we are talking about streaming games like online or whatever else out there
idk i didn't try any of those yet

darthv722651d ago

pretty much every major change in society. Thing is...we eventually accept it and realize how things are for the better. Our children grow up knowing more than we did at their age because of the changes made to education and progression.

We all know what the problem is with a digital only world. Everyone needs an always on connection to information. So now lets fix it. Instead of complaining, we do something about making it happen and moving forward.

People said flying would never work or cars or the telephone and television. Those are MAJOR life/society/world changing examples. People said they would never want to have a phone they could carry around because the idea of someone would always be able to get ahold of them where they are. Now even kids have phones and they are so intertwined in our life that we cant imagine the time without them.

The internet is a massive wealth of information and yet it was just several years ago that people didnt know how to use computers and said they had no need for such a thing. Face it people. Times change and the younger generation are wanting to progress while we older ones dont want to accept it.

The world of digital music and movies and tv and communication is not something we should stand in the way of. Like i said, we know what the problem is so lets make sure it is fixed. One of my favorite clips from the movie back to the future 2 is when he is in the cafe 80's. He is showing the kids how to play that old school nintendo arcade game (wild gunman) and he gets the bad guys. The two kids say: you have to use your hands....thats a baby's toy.

What we deem worthwhile (like having physical copies of games) is nothing more than progress being held back. And i know why people are like that. They can be frightened of change unless there is some way of ensuring that things really will be better if you take the chance.

OcularVision2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Enjoy typing that out and knowing nobody read past the first paragraph?

kaveti66162651d ago

well i got the gist of it after the first paragraph.

don't feel bad. I've been known to write much longer posts.

and I agree, people become very upset with change.

This idea of holding a physical copy of a game is an illusion. You don't really own it anyway. Example, Resistance 3 with the Online Pass. It's like I have to pay for permission to use the game on a certain console. It's complete bullshit but people think it's justified.

Lazy_Sunday2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

People are afraid of the truth, too--it hurts--people here deny it. You may be better off spreading that truth where people appreciate it--and lengthy educated discussions, like Ars Technica or Kotaku where people actually READ your argument and don't just glance and disagree like little troll/retards. N4G, depending upon the article, can be ignorant and unforgiving, as people do not agree with:
1) Change. Example: new console--oh, now I've somehow started a flame war because a new console is "too soon." 15 years from now, maybe your $300 purchase will somehow be justified by having the shittiest technology on the market. Hell my Macbook Air outperforms my PS3 graphically, with it's size and weight, that's just sad.
2) 360>PS3 in any way, since people actually need a reason behind the undeniable fact that the PS3 is superior to the 360. Blu-ray, better CPU, free online. PS3 is better. The only thing 360 players get is Microsoft delaying content for PS3 and PC gamers. That certainly makes the consumer want to buy a 360, huh?
3) PC>CONSOLE in any way, despite the fact that PC Gaming is superior to console gaming by giving you more ways to game with potentially better graphics depending on the GPU.
4) Logic.
5) Etcetera. Like denying Sony's security breach by saying simply "it could've happened to anyone!" Come on now, that's just silly, Sony screwed up somewhere, and that's how they got in. Now they won't screw up again. Maybe.
The only good thing is that nobody tends to get too many agrees for blatant fanboyism.
In my humble opinion, we should do away with the "agree/disagree" and go for a "like/dislike," since it makes absolutely no sense as is.

Saladfax2650d ago


Very well said. The interesting thing is that the people who are afraid of losing a physical medium are clearly quite young.

This isn't an insult to those younger. Hell, I'm only 24, but I've seen the demise of a few formats already. What good is a collecting a physical medium when the technology will be obsolete in as little as 10 years?

Besides, once you really start a robust collection, you'll find there are very few that you'll actually go back to. I still have my PS2 around, but I can't say it sees much use. Heck, you'll find that you'd rather spend five bucks for the HD version on Steam, or whatever comes next.

The big advantage to a digital medium is (should be) price, which Steam has successfully proven over and over.

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Simon_Brezhnev2651d ago

im with Dart89. It wont happen no time soon. Hell thats like saying only way you can watch movies now is only through netflix.

Merivigian2651d ago

As soon as I'm paying for a download, count me out. That's the exact reason I don't buy Arcade games. Your paying them for a token, you don't really own anything.

morganfell2651d ago

Don't worry, remember this:

THQ: "Homefront will change the way we think about First-Person Shooters."

jack_burt0n2651d ago

lmfao hahahahahhahah :) morgan+1

kaveti66162651d ago

Don't worry, remember this.

"Gears of War 2 will come to PS3 in Summer 2009. Mark my words." -Morganfell

nolifeking2651d ago

Happy, you quoted a random poster to make a statement a company said somehow irrelevant. Good work guy.

consolez_FTW2651d ago

How much comment history did you have to read through to find that!?....

ON TOPIC: I won't trust a word THQ says at this point.

bumnut2651d ago

No, you are paying for a license key to play the game. Same as if you buy it on disc.

xc7x2651d ago

if PS4 & Xbox 720 have no hdd's and game discs,then PS3 & 360 will have 20 year lifespans for most gamers,because i'm not going all digital / download and suspect most others will agree with me.

Raider692651d ago

Some of this PR guys have the face buried on the ground,they really dont do prospection work among consumers.Just bs talk.

Godmars2902651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Why is it so easy for devs to ignore people w/o online or bad connections? Nevermind the issues with HDD space and DRM.

Thing is there's a difference between most and new. They may want new customers but then they're automatically limiting their audience.

Not that that ever seemed to be much of a consideration. The way most games today are already dependent on online and DLC.

Dlacy13g2651d ago

Well... I think the train of thought is that "most" gamers these days are connected to the internet in one form or another. Now...bad connections are a different story.

In terms of the future, well it will be interesting to see if things evolve into a true "cloud" expereince like Onlive or more of a online download only service.

aaaaaaaaa2651d ago

Onlive is a good idea except ALL isp's hate that service, my isp will let me play onlive for about 4 hours and then my bandwidth gets capped

Don't forget all the people who have internet but don't want to play games online

I have many friends that don't have internet but still have Xbox's and ps3's

What about all the people who would be out of work

gunnerforlife2651d ago

i dont know about US but here in the UK everyones got Unlimited internet on 10mbps for 20 pounds a month :/ and thats kinda cheap

nikrel2651d ago

We do not have anything like that, we have to pay expensive prices due to a few things but mainly it is all for control. If we had unlimited Internet then we wouldn't have tv because we could stream everything. Why use a land line when you could VoIP everything.

This is the reason why we have to pay for two services or we pay and outrageous price for just Internet, america is so backwards about so many things, and we have to pay for it like this.

palaeomerus2651d ago

I have 15 Mb/s for $35 a month now though the cable company. No data caps so far. I'm in Texas.

bumnut2651d ago

I get 50 Mb/s for £35 unlimited in the uk, I could have 100 Mb/s for £10 more but im happy with 50.

kaveti66162651d ago

It's a simple supply-side phenomenon, godmars.

The company wants you to buy something, so they get you to buy it.

It's not like in the old days of capitalism anymore. back then it was all about demand. If the population demanded it, then the manufacturers would make it.

Now, they decide what you're going to buy and when you're going to buy it. It's like Blu-Ray, and 3D and bottled water. For the population these are not needs, but the suppliers get you to buy them by convincing you that you need them.

In the future, all Microsoft or Sony has to do to ensure that digital distribution becomes a standard is by pushing it on you.

You argue that Blu-Ray is the standard, right? It was not as though an overwhelming majority of the population was asking for Blu-Ray, but with enough marketing, people come to expect it and want it.

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