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“XBOX Support” On Steam

If you head over to the Steam Support area that Valve provides for users to resolve issues with their account, you'll notice a very inconspicuous reference to "XBOX Support" as an option in one of the initial drop down boxes. However, officially there is no version of Steam available for Xbox platforms, is this the first signs of the service on the Microsoft home console? (Steam, Xbox 360)

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xkarxfreddy  +   1539d ago
Really hope so!
snipes101  +   1539d ago
5 people are total jerks
Brownghost  +   1538d ago
yep would love cross platform gaming with left 4 dead man that would be amazing also with portal 2
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ShinMaster  +   1538d ago
Too bad it's not "Steam support ON Xbox"
This has been on there for a while and it's only for support of Valve games on 360. Nothing new.
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Brownghost  +   1538d ago
Now there are 11 of them
Anon1974  +   1538d ago
That's kinda what I was thinking. Isn't this just a support section for Valve products for the 360?
Septic  +   1538d ago
LOL at the 19 disagrees!
Ah.....you kids :)
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1538d ago
that would be cool if it happened, I would still buy valve stuff on PC. Source games are one thing that my old PC can run better than consoles still I think.

weird how there are sow many less comments on a positive steam on 360 news rumor than some negative one, wonder why
GodKing1337  +   1538d ago
Why would some one disagree with "Really hope so"? I can only think of two reasons. 1 you are jealous or 2 you are just some fan boy raging over people on other consoles getting an additional feature... pretty much the same thing.
Brownghost  +   1538d ago
sometimes i feel there are people who just disagree for no reason
Megaton  +   1539d ago
I assume the ball is entirely in Microsoft's court. They just refuse to open up their network to things like this. No doubt Valve would jump in with both feet if they were given the green light like they were by Sony.
qwertyz  +   1539d ago
MS will agree and relax all their rules because if not 3rd party support for 360 will die and that means 360 ales will crash and the fact that MS has only 2 competent first party studios means they need 3rd party support more than any other console maker devs just have to keep pressuring MS and they'll literally spread their legs
antz1104  +   1539d ago
hadriker  +   1538d ago
Punctuation. Learn it.
HenryFord  +   1538d ago
also "literally spread their legs"? Why would they do that?
RedDead  +   1538d ago
eye twas a bit far to be true

@ HF
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_Aarix_  +   1538d ago
Yea dont use "littertaly" cause a company cant have legs
k2d  +   1538d ago
@qwertyz: School is cool, m'kay? Don't skip out, m'kay?
Saladfax  +   1538d ago
Any excuse to post it.

Persistantthug  +   1538d ago
Microsoft can't afford to bring STEAM to XBOX 360.
Steam is a competitor to Microsoft.

If Microsoft was to concede to letting Steam on XBOX 360, then it would be Microsoft admitting defeat of GFWL, and by extention would also signal weakness with WINDOWS.

It would signal that Microsoft's hold on the OS market is significantly waning. There are already some signs of this happening already, but Microsoft isn't ready to admit this as this would be a terrible business strategy.

This is why you will not see Steam of any kind on XBOX 360.

However, what you will probably see is an integration or convergence of XBOX 360/LIVE and GFWL.
Genghis  +   1538d ago
lol, no one associates gfwl w/ windows. you're living a dream pal. MS has the os market by the balls and has had it for years. There have been many windows extensions that have been failures (particularly in the gaming division), but those failures have NEVER affected the adoption of Windows (not even the court failure of Office!!). Windows could only benefit from adopting steam, or, if done well, making a Steam-Powered Games for Windows. That saves the brand name and introduces the kind of service that gamers want. And perhaps that would lead to Xbox integration (oh please oh please).

But if you think the failure of GFWL is going to hurt sales numbers of windows, you're bonkers.
Persistantthug  +   1538d ago
@Genghis..........I don't think you understand me, so I'll try and explain in greater detail.
Microsoft is in trouble and they know it.
Not in any IMMEDIATE or short term trouble, but long term trouble largely associated with obsolescence.

Microsoft has Windows, yes....But GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and others control the internet. And with Android, GOOGLE threaten MS's OS. Whenever Google launches a PC directed-Android, AND FOR FREE, consumers in droves will go to get it.

Speaking of Android, RIGHT NOW, Android (along with Apple) is destroying Windows mobile. So Microsoft is losing the mobile and tablet market too.

Now look at Zune? That device got run out of town, and I expect their Zune marketplace to meet the same fate shortly.

The only other successful Non Windows related product Microsoft has is XBOX 360/XBOX LIVE...and even with that, XBOX 360 is a distant 2nd behind Nintendo, and soon to be 3rd.

Perhaps you never fully understood this, but GFWL was put in place by Microsoft as a means to further entrench Microsoft's WINDOWS foothold, to ensure that developers and consumers alike would need and depend on Microsoft indefinitely.....Thats REALLY what it was for.
And as of now, GFWL is largely looked at as a joke, while Steam has been bulldozing it into irrelevance. So make no mistake....STEAM is Microsoft's competitor.

So again, this is why Microsoft can never afford to just let STEAM stroll nonchalantly onto their XBOX 360 and XBOX LIVE platform.
This is why you will never See Steam there......not unless Microsoft concedes ANOTHER battle lost, and that would be bad for them.....bad for MS's business.

I hope I've made myself at least a little more clear to you now, Genghis.
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KingSlayer  +   1539d ago | Well said
It's for support of Valve games on Xbox 360. Nothing more.
Neko_Mega  +   1539d ago
I have to go with what KingSlayer said, it might just be support for their games.
BattleAxe  +   1539d ago
Looks like this is the first time "the sixth axis" has ever looked at Steam's website. This has been on there for a long time now, and like you said King, its for their retail releases of games like Left 4 Dead and Portal 2 on the 360.
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Vip3r  +   1539d ago
StayStatic  +   1539d ago
What king slayer said , its been their since forever
Rivitur  +   1539d ago
yeah got curious last time I saw it but didn't think much of it. However... *Tightens Tin-Foil hat*
DiabeticJedi  +   1538d ago
Exactly what it is... I don't understand why people would down vote you stating the truth, lol
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solar  +   1539d ago
probably hooking up controller support.
Hayabusa 117  +   1539d ago
Well, why hasn't anyone clicked the link to find out? I'd do so myself but I don't have Steam, and I'm not interested in downloading it just to find out. WHat's everybody else's excuse?
snake-OO  +   1539d ago
This link is Probably there because they have windows live games on steam and that you can message xbox users from these games using steam.
BattleTorn  +   1539d ago
"NNnnoooo" says console.fanboy
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biRdy  +   1539d ago
Hope its true, Though microsoft can make bad decisions, they are not dumb enough to not have Steam.
BladedTech  +   1539d ago
Never gonna happen. Xbox LIVE wouldn't allow it because they would have to change their Terms of Service.
theonlylolking  +   1539d ago
It is not hard to change the terms of service.
PhunnyJesta  +   1538d ago
this is microsoft we are talking about.....it costs them too much money to change TOS
BladedTech  +   1538d ago
True, but I agree with PhunnyJesta.
cl1983  +   1539d ago
I also wonder if they did open it up what the potential of hacking attempts would be.
kingPoS  +   1539d ago
I would hope so. Just imagine true cross-platform gaming (like portal 2)if EA Activision & MS shook hands with Valve
Theo1130  +   1538d ago
You morons, that's always been there. It's support for valve 360 game, Ie; orange box and portal 2. That's more for issues and suggestions, NOT steam coming to xbox live. Though It would be cool, I don't play xbox anymore, but I have alot of friends who still do, Losers.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1538d ago
Steam on the 360 isn't needed.
Soldierone  +   1538d ago
Its MS. They only want it if its "exclusive" for some time period. Otherwise they don't care. They might as well open the door and allow some other competitors try to do something similar. Forcing Valve to either offer something exclusive in their favor (for a timed period) or paying out some money.

Sony won their way. They got Valve games, cut away even more "exclusives" from MS, and have bragging rights (better sales) to two stellar titles with cross platform gaming so far. "I wish I could play with console and PC players" you can, on PS3. They also hold a grasp over Valve. Sony already noted they don't care if they "lose" Valve, and if Valve goes and does something to favor MS then Sony will simply open their doors to competing platforms like EA's whatever its called. If Sony were truly smart they would finally pull a dirty move MS is so good at doing and pay a little something, maybe help develop or use Steam cross platform things, and keep it exclusive in a way. Maybe help the smaller developers get games going on PS3 so people can play, for example get killing floor on PSN. I would rather money either go into exclusives, or something big like this.
kesvalk  +   1538d ago
good thing microsoft stopped being so stupid about it...
bozebo  +   1538d ago
Valve have a lot of teams developing different parts of their infrastucture. What is likely to have happened is that they told everybody to start working on the console supported steam features, and different teams had made different amounts of progress before they realised it would not be possible on the 360.

There were once hints of Linux steam features visible in various places on Valve's site/steam - so it has happened before.

Though, I do believe it would be good if Steam API integration was possible on the 360 - it would allow console games to also unlock steam achievements rather than only the PC versions doing that. I can't see them ever opening up retail services on the platform because Microsoft make a lot of money by carefully restricting how the digital retail works on their platform by shafting small and indie developers time and time again.
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phosphor112  +   1538d ago
This has been there for a while. I don't see what there is to get excited about. Valve doesn't have a "Valve Support" page to request help for their games, everything consumer related goes through Steam, so it's very possible that it has to do with the Valve games already on 360.

Anyway, IF that is MS opening the doors of XBL (which I highly doubt, unless they completely overhaul the network) then that's a good sign.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1538d ago
Yeah MS revamping the service againt his fall remember? That has to mean something.
bozebo  +   1538d ago
Revamping - as in adding more locations for adverts and spam on the dashboard?
phosphor112  +   1538d ago
They aren't "revamping" XBL, they are revamping the Dashboard. When I say "revamp XBL" I mean completely overhaul the coding they have for it. In it's current state it doesn't accept 3rd party services like that.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1538d ago
Its not too surprising its been hints for a lil while that MS was gonna open up its system. So having SteamWorks on Xbox would be a good treat.
TABSF  +   1538d ago
The problem is people its Steam support.
If it was just for the games it would be in Valve support.

I still think its something else or maybe just a mistake.
phosphor112  +   1538d ago
There is no "Valve Support." Something wrong with HL2? Portal? L4D? You have to go through Steam support because that is their platform that communicates with the consumer.
MasterCornholio  +   1538d ago
Hopefully Microsoft makes XBOXlive a bit more flexible so this can happen.

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