IGN - Survival is Modern Warfare 3's Most Exciting Aspect

IGN - With the dust settling and new multiplayer information on the table, Call of Duty's inaugural convention has finally ended. Call of Duty XP revealed a lot of new information, but even with the tweaks and polish, for me, Survival mode in Spec Ops is the be

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Shackdaddy8362652d ago

Well that's kinda sad. Survival is an add-on and it's the most exciting aspect of the game...

jdktech20102652d ago

No offense but is it really an add on if it has a full fledged ranking system, has never been in a IW game before, and is in addition to the spec op mission mode.....

Whether you like the gameplay or not, there's no denying the amount of content being included with 16 maps, a campaign, survival mode, coop mission modes and the 10 or so game modes in COD games. In sheer amount of modes and things to do, this game is rivaling Halo and Gears......though I don't think it's a better overall game than either of those for sure.

Would I love more innovation? Sure, but they certainly have a lot to do in the game

princejb1342652d ago

everyone has different opinions, i could careless about survival single player or whatever else they have in it
I'm only interested in the multiplayer cause thats where i put my hours into

but the way there describing it it sounds like horde mode in gears, wave after wave of enemies which is actually very fun

Shackdaddy8362652d ago

Well, I guess it's because I never really cared for survival. I'm gonna get MW3. But I'm not gonna get it for survival and I'll probably only play survival a couple of times.

I never really played zombies on Blops/WaW or spec ops on MW2 either...

Ramses32652d ago

It's the only exciting aspect, that trailer put me to sleep.

chasegarcia2652d ago

I just want a full zombie COD game.

nighmare232652d ago

Sorry but is this the Map pack for MW2?.....just asking....

Ezio20482652d ago

well i am really excited for multiplayer and i play MW2 online everyday and try for a nuke....:D

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