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Submitted by Sorano 1618d ago | rumor

Rumor: New 3DS model to be announced September 13th?

With the announcement of the second slide enhancement pad for the 3DS it is only a question of time when first game adapt to the gadget. But how far are we really away from a new slick model of the 3DS getting rid of the flaw of the first device?

The Nintendo DS did it with the DS Lite, so is there a Nintendo 3DS Lite going to be announced September 13th for the big Nintendo 3DS conference? You decide! (3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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portablegaming  +   1618d ago
I would think so. The 3DS is still not winning the race and Nintendo needs a good selling handheld or the company will die.
theonlylolking  +   1618d ago
I say let the company die. They have been copying and pasting the same games over and over again for 20+ years! If you think activision is bad with COD then how bad is nintendo?

@dumb peeps

If you cannot realize that nintendo is copying and pasting for a long time then you need yours eyes opened. The last innovative nintendo game was Super Mario Galaxy. The last innovative COD was COD4. Those games were both around the same time as well and they have yet to innovate since then.
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FlintGREY  +   1618d ago
I agree 100%, but only because im tired of Mario and Zelda games...

After 20+ years, you would think Nintendo would have matured just a little bit.
dark-hollow  +   1618d ago
That's really ignorant and stupid!!

Don't look at MARIO's stupid spin offs games bit look at the official sequels!

Super Mario galaxy 1&2 are one of the highest rated games this gen!!!

So does metroid corruption, super smash brawl, zack and wikki, Legend of Zelda, pikmen, kerby epic yarn, mad world, xenoblade, wario ware, LUIGI's mansion, pokemon, Mario kart, Mario party.

Nintendo has a LOT of great and successful franchises and almost none of them involves shooting like most xbox/ps3 games.
LoaMcLoa  +   1618d ago
Did you actually compare COD to the Nintedo franchises...?

There is absolutely no innovation/originality between the sequels in COD!
Metroid went from 2D to first-person, Zelda from over-the-shoulder to third-person and Mario
to racing, parting and golf.
And they are also creating new IPs, like Pikmin and Wii Sports, and probably even more to come to Wii U.

So screw you! Give Nintendo the respect they deserve. They did save the gaming industry after all!
Wenis  +   1618d ago
Nintendo at least knows how to do a proper sequel unlike COD, so don't compare them please.
mamotte  +   1618d ago
No, sir. Nintendo is using the same characters. But well, if SMB 1 is the same as SMB 3, and is the same as SMW, and those games are the same as SM64, and this one is the same as Galaxy... your eyes are really closed, or you have weird perception problems.

Games like COD are true copypaste.
dark-hollow  +   1618d ago
Then tell me what INNOVATION does resistance 3, gears 3, halo reach, uncharted 3, fable 3, killzone 3 etc. Brings to the table???

It's not nintendos fault that they are in the game since 25 years and thus LOGICALLY will have more sequels for their franchises.

Do you really believe if sony or miscrosoft managed to live on the gaming market for 25 years, and uncharted and halo are stills selling very will,
Do you think Sony or ms will suddenly stop those franchises because they are old??

Give me ONE exclusive game on ps3/xbox 360 that has the same style as super smash brawl.... NONE

Give me ONE game that has the same style as LUIGI's MANSION.....NONE

Give one game that has the same style as pikmen......NONE

Most ps3 xbox exclusives involves shooting, shooting and more shooting.

Am not saying there are bad but don't lable nintendo is non-innovative when Sony and ms are EXACTLY the same!
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gamingdroid  +   1618d ago
Nintendo is like one of the most innovative company when it comes to creating "fun" games. Nobody makes games like them!

I personally prefer Nintendo continue doing what they have. They are great at it!
malol  +   1618d ago
i bet it'll be as bad as that 2nd thumb attachment
maniacmayhem  +   1618d ago

Once again i have to laugh at another poster who probably read another poster's misuse of the term "innovative" and now must use it for every post he sees.

I remember a while back the "in" term was Triple A now its innovate. Please stop with this term especially if you can't even realize just how much Nintendo and even COD has brought to the video game community and industry.
Toadmaster89  +   1618d ago
Comparing Mario to the Call of Duty series...
I have lost faith in humanity..
darthv72  +   1618d ago
should they revise the hardware....
I am expecting another analog slider below the main buttons. It would put the control scheme offset like a 360 controller and probably make playing games more comfortable.

some...not all games.
evillizard91  +   1617d ago
@dark hollow
Smash bros - zp2kx
Luigi's Manshion - Folklore
Pikmin- Swarm or Overlord you choose

Dude nintendo hasnt innovated anything besides motion control and all they did is slap it on some rehashed N64 games with new gamecube make up and added waggle. In fact the Gamecube is better than the Wii simply because nintendo took risks with their franchise look at Mario kart wii taking steps back ward from double dash and even dare i say it...ds
Nintendo is like a michael bay transformer film or sonic game everry time you go you think its gonna be the way you remembered and it's sooo bad
gaffyh  +   1617d ago
@LoaMcLoa - Saved the gaming industry from what exactly?
SilentNegotiator  +   1617d ago
Obviously they won't die, but I'd love to see them knocked down a few notches. Their constant recycling is ridiculous.

And I'll bet the next model will be built-in second circle pad. That will definitely be the biggest screw-over yet; a price drop is nothing compared to LOSING OUT ON PART OF THE CONTROLS. "optional" I see the Nintendo purists cry. But who does that hurt more? The gamer or the developer that must make it optional to have two circle pads? And WILL it always be optional? Nintendo might just say SCREW the first few customers all together and start making games that require two c. pads. And the only option will be buying an add-on that adds a bunch of bulk to the handheld and makes your already HUGE price for hardware be higher.
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NESpower  +   1617d ago
Let Sony die...and Microsoft die. Forget Nintendo haters, they suck harder than Jenna Jamison.

In year 2, when 3DS is smoking Vita like Chech and Chong...all this will be forgotten. No platform launches without kinks. But when those kinks are smoothed out, the average consumer never even knew what the kinks were!
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PCE  +   1617d ago
Someone is jealous Nintendo's franchises and CoD are more successful than say Sony's groundbreaking exclusives for the PS3.
dark-hollow  +   1618d ago
Wow people are really blowing this up!!

3DS is the top selling right now!
The 360 had much harder times at launch with RROD fiasco!

Forward 5 years, it's now successful!!!

The ps3 had much harder times at launch with the 599$ tag

Forward 5 years later, it's selling like hot cakes!!!!
Nintendo WILL NOT die anytime soon.

Didn't the ps3 had the same doom articles on a daily basis?
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Shackdaddy836  +   1618d ago
It's N4G. People always blow things out of proportion on N4G...
evillizard91  +   1617d ago
MS didn't have hard times it's competition was $600
ronin4life  +   1618d ago
The 3DS has no equal competition at the moment, so how is it losing?
PSP is a last gen console. It started the "race" along time ago, so of course it has an advantage.
More games and alot of people who own an original DS but not a PSP give the PSP, not Sony overall, a temporary advantage. An advantage that will vanish once the Vita releases.
Then the real race will begin, and judging Nintendo will become justifiable as it competes against the Vita.
evillizard91  +   1617d ago
what about iOS and Android?
meetajhu  +   1618d ago
I can't stand mario bs. Nintendo must die soon
Danteh  +   1617d ago
you too
mcstorm  +   1618d ago
Well we shoud also sack sony from the console industry and sega from the software. Even square. Wake up big name selling games like mario pokemon donkey Kong gt metal geat final fantasy tekan ridge racer wipe out fzero sonic and many more games have been around for 10 years plus yet no one is complain about them.

If the game stil plays good then why stop making them. Yes cod games are the same every year but so is fifa pes nhl ect. They justhave little updates to them and people buy the game for the updates and because they enjoyedthe other games.

Nintendogames sell because they they play well and are enjoyable to play. To say that they should not make star fox or zelda for the 3ds from the 64 why? There were 2 of the best n64 gaes and have been updated to run on he 3ds. Ms are bringing halo ce remake out we are getting metal gear hd remake and Resedent evil remake and therr has been quite a few ps2 hd remakes 2 but no one is moaning about them.

Really dont get people sometimes. Its ok for one company to do it but not another.
Machioto  +   1618d ago
The problem is not that nintendo are over using these games it's that they haven't created anything sense,while sony does the same it hasn't stop them from making newer ip’s.
mcstorm  +   1618d ago
ntendo have given us new ips but nintendo also use there big name charters in different games. Plus nintendo have been going alot longer than sony and ms so they have had to create new ips as they did not have them to start with.
TheMyst  +   1618d ago
And this is why I will refused to buy the 3DS at launch. Anyways, I think the problem that the 3DS and Wii U are facing is that, while Nintendo wanted to milk the brand name, people will think that it's just an add on or a slight upgrade.

We have to keep in mind that the majority of casual consumers are plain and simple stupid and/or misinformed. They may not buy into the 3DS and Wii U because to them it'll look like an add-on that's more expensive than the current models.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1618d ago
According to theonlylolking the original Super Mario is the same thing as Super Mario Galaxy.

I hope that you're trolling. If you are, I say congratulations. If you're not, then I really hope you do not reproduce.
Trunkz Jr  +   1618d ago
Took 2 years from DS to DS lite, you won't see anyting for long time.
Streen  +   1618d ago
Well, I'm looking forward for the Nintendo-conference with mixed feelings. On one side, I think Nintendo really needs a new 3DS-Model, to iron out all the issues with the hardware, on the other hand, I feel bad for all the people that will feel ripped off.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1618d ago
zerocrossing  +   1618d ago
Couldn't agree more,
Jacks_Medulla  +   1618d ago
A new 3ds model was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the add-on. I have a feeling Nintendo wanted to get the information about the peripheral out there, before they announced the new version, so existing 3ds owners won't feel as burned.
FlintGREY  +   1618d ago
I don't know why it didn't have 2 analog nubs in the first place.

I'm pretty sure they seen how much backlash Sony had got from the orginal PSP and all of its revisions after it....I mean it only makes sense.
lizard81288  +   1618d ago
True, but I don't see a new model soon. Maybe late next year (if we live past 2012 :P) or sometime in 2013. It is too soon for another model, but thats what i said about the price drop too. If history repeats itself, by the end of the 3ds' life, we should have 4 models. The GBA, DS, and PSP did.
franktheprankreturns  +   1618d ago
Who cares if Nintendo dies! The should become Sega 2.0. Just imagine Mario on a PS4 that would rock!
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1618d ago
If you want to play Nintendo games buy a Nintendo console, fanboy.
eferreira  +   1618d ago
besides the first party titles, the nintendo consoles pretty much suck.

wii and 3ds have no internal storage and poor online. I wish they would go third party. One less system to buy lol
ronin4life  +   1618d ago
@ eferreria
I have plenty of great 3rd party games on my Nintendo systems, and unlike the other consoles, I can't buy them for anything else.
But you probably wouldn't believe me, seeing as you only look at what websites like this one show you.
jacen100  +   1618d ago
ps4 lol. long wait till 2016 if it even ever gets here the ways things are going . go get yourself a killer pc thats were its at
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axisofweevils  +   1618d ago
All the people that say Nintendo should become the next Sega seem to forget the dive in quality Sega's games took once they became third party.
Akamuntor  +   1618d ago
More Handheld of Nintendo to flop? *g*
WhiteLightning  +   1618d ago
Imagine if it had two analouge sticks...and that ugly add on is just for the people who have bought the old one so they don't complain.

Yet they've said something along the lines of "No we don't have any plans to bring out a lite version or redesign this year" in the past

What ever you say Nintendo
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Daverball  +   1618d ago
don't think they will go for a new modell so soon, it would put a buffer on current hardware sales and this right before christmas, I don't believe Nintendo is THAT stupid.
ATi_Elite  +   1618d ago
another 3DS model......and Nintendo wonders why their stock price has dropped like a brick in a pool.

Parents are sick to death of Nintendo and their hand helds. way too many models!
Squatch83  +   1618d ago
Will we see u in PSP Vita topics saying the same comments about them then?

Because when Vita launches, the re will have been MORE PSP models than DS models.

DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS = 5.

PSP1000, PSP2000, PSP3000, PSPGo, PSP E1000, PSP Vita = 6.
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nolifeking  +   1618d ago
PSV and PSP are two different things.
Squatch83  +   1618d ago
Looks a lot like PSP, so why shouldnt we class it as a PSP just like ppl do with 3DS and DS?

So lets get rid of DS and PSP Vita, that makes 4 DS models and 5 PSP models.

Its amusing how ppl only bring up Nintendo with comments like that and totally ignore the fact theres just as many PSPs, infact more.
tarbis  +   1618d ago
Why the heck are you including 3DS and PSV?
Also, it's PSV not PSP Vita. Can't you even get your facts right?
purple105  +   1618d ago
People probably classify the 3DS as a DS with slapped on 3D because its leap in technology wasn't as big as PSP to PSV. Anyway people do need to think of the 3DS as a new fully fledged portable.

Also with the new 3DS model you would have 6 in the whole DS line, which is equal to what PSP will have when the PSV is released.
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axisofweevils  +   1618d ago
Yep, like or not, the PSVita is the 5th PSP console.

That's why it's called the PSV.

V = 5 in Roman Numerals..
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AlanarWindblade  +   1618d ago
I think it's a bit too early for them to announce a new model. The next one is most likely to include the second circle pad, yes, but before next year Nintendo probably won't announce a new 3DS.
Miroque  +   1618d ago
Yeah, I let myself be surprised...
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1618d ago
At this point the redesign better be real. Otherwise web sites like NeoGAF and 01net will have a lot to answer for.

If its not real, this debacle will be the "Portable GameCube" lie all over again. And I'm sure some astute watcher will call the supporters of this myth on their agenda and bullsh*t.
supergameboy  +   1618d ago
I really hope this doesn't happen, but the re-design is just a whatever of when, not if.

I am sad.
GunofthePatriots  +   1618d ago
They better give s free 3ds to the people who bought this junk earlier!
jacen100  +   1618d ago
there is a new model on the way with the second circle pad i hope they beef it up more while they at it
Shok  +   1618d ago
Slimmer 3DS with 2 circle pads.
LordZ  +   1617d ago
also add better battery life.
ronin4life  +   1618d ago
I think they will wait and see how 3rd parties react and utilize the peripheral before determining if it should be integrated in the next revision. Making a new 3DS with a second stick now will upset early buyers, and introduce a feature that may never befully utilized.
I think the conference will focus on software over hardware.
josephayal  +   1618d ago
Nintendo is crazy
sashimi  +   1618d ago
If a redesign so soon, then why bother even releasing the 3DS so early lol, goes to show Nintendo doesn't know wtf to do with their handheld.

Nintendo is far from doomed but they are failing or else they wouldn't have needed a price drop and that analog nub addon that is placed to weirdly.
#17 (Edited 1618d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   1618d ago
This would be an unprecedented yet understandable move of desperation. I can't say that this rumor is crazy...I'd say this has a better chance of happening that the 360 getting Blu-Ray.

Ulf  +   1618d ago
6 months is too early for a revision.

contra157  +   1618d ago
Out of control, nintendo has been slipping up in hardware for a bit now it seems with these revisions
Mario4life  +   1618d ago
i havent bought one yet, but if there is a new one i kinda hope they add the 2 sets of shoulder buttons and 2nd stick, sure it would be thicker but id rather have the extra buttons
pcz  +   1618d ago
3ds lite?
3ds was only released yesterday :/
tc389   1618d ago | Spam
Toadmaster89  +   1618d ago
It's funny that just ONE peripheral makes everyone go haywire. Chill out guys, a year has not even passed, and you're treating the 3DS as if it were the worst thing Nintendo has made. I say just give it more time before you call it a failure. That's just my opinion
buckley  +   1618d ago
First the $80 price cut, next the second analog pad.

Now this, just another reason to feel screwed by being an early adopter. Thanks, Nintendo.
Ddouble  +   1618d ago
If that is true then

-The additional analog addon thing will be more of a failure.

-Lots of people will wait for the revision which means lower holiday sales unless they can bring it out before christmas but then what will happen to the current shipment.

-They would have to make it up to the ambassadors again because it's way too soon.
ElementX  +   1618d ago
Better battery life and right circle pad. Count me in if the games start coming. -
Mike_Tha_Hero  +   1618d ago
Changing the 3DS's marketing strategy and redesign right before the Vita's launch would be a dick move, but it would work.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1618d ago
Better have 2 sticks so we don't need that weird accessory.
schlanz  +   1618d ago
Nintendo haters are far worse than COD fanboys.
PirosThe4th  +   1618d ago
on thing is a Nintendo hater... another is a 3ds hater...
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