THQ CEO Discusses New Possibilities Within Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming and the idea of getting rid of retail copies of games is not a totally new concept but it is one that has been picking up steam in the past year or so. More and more developers and industry leaders are backing the idea of a cloud-based future that could mean good things for the industry and for consumers. THQ CEO Brian Farrell discussed his views on how the cloud would be used in the future within his own company. Check out what he had to say below.

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MultiConsoleGamer2650d ago

Cloud gaming will eventually end console gaming as we know it.

Voxelman2650d ago

It won't even be viable for another 10 years, killing will take another 5-10 after that, and that is to far off to really predict.

zeal0us2650d ago

Cloud gaming require high-speed connection sadly even in 2011 some of us don't have it

Maybe when ppl can fix the ping problem with satellite internet.

Voxelman2650d ago

satellite internet has much higher pings than fibre based networks due to the much larger distances involved.