Mario Kart 7: Attaining new heights and depths? (CVG)

"Attend a house party hosted by a bunch of 30-something bachelors and you'll find three things, without fail: a copy of Spaced: Season 1 on DVD, a filthy but-somehowunused toasted sandwich maker, and Mario Kart.

Specifically, Mario Kart on N64. We've had seven plumber-based karting titles since then, yet none have endured as party games in the way the SNES and N64 entries have.

Whether it was Double Dash's weird dual-karting set-up, or the Wii game's enormo-tracks and sub-par battle mode, we've had plenty of decent Mario Karts over the last ten-and-a-bit years but no classics. But having had a play of the now officially named Mario Kart 7, we're hopeful that could change soon.", writes CVG.

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