New Monster Hunter Tri-G (3DS) details and screens

A new detailed look at the upcoming 3DS monster Hunter title with updated features and brand new screens (non-scanned).

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Myst2652d ago


gddammit looks like I'm getting a 3DS soon...

fatalis952652d ago

no don't do it i did it for the wii version worst £200 i ever spent

Myst2652d ago

The Wii version was actually 'okay' a bit lessened to my liking but my friends and I were able to get our usual 200+ hours out of it though.

Trunkz Jr2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Already own a 3DS, never owned a MH game before, I'm interested in getting it but only if they ship it with this extra analog thing.

Besides I'll be getting a Vita also, if they make a MH game for that I can just get that instead :)

Myst2652d ago

Sad thing is that I would get both just because I LOVE Monster Hunter. Sadly I haven't seen anything yet that states a MH will show up. Hoping it's part of those 18 unannounced games that they will talk about at TGS.

fatalis952652d ago

i just can't wait for the ps3 MHP3 HD to be localised don't really need this 3ds 1 when this will be out in the same year for westerner's