Am I The Only One Losing Faith In Nintendo?

Nintendo have now officially confirmed the existence of the second circle pad add-on coming to the 3DS later this year and I couldn’t help but put my palm to my face and feel like a royal idiot as Nintendo release a patch for a piece of hardware for the first time in the history of the industry.

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OllieBoy2650d ago

Nintendo is better when they're the underdog.

Arrogant Nintendo = Crappy hardware and stupid decisions.

WhiteLightning2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

The Gamecube didn't sell as many as the the other consoles last gen but it had great games and I enjoyed them.

Now with them being big headed relying on gimmicks they're starting to loose track at what they used to be about.

I mean games that would of done well on the Wii like Pikman 3 or Luigis mansion 2 for example never got announced. Luigis Mansion 2 is coming out for the 3DS when a game like that should get a console release and Pikamn 3 won't be coming out untill the Wii U apparently.

I miss the creative Nintendo who didn't care about sales and being in first place only to give gamers and their loyal fanbase what they wanted.

No offense but Nintendo fans totaly ignore what Nintendo have become, they seem to go along with everything they do and make it into a possitive, they shouldn't they need to realise what's going on. I mean i remember reading the ONM this month and they were praising the 3DS price cut, making it look like they were doing it so people can afford it..............I mean really <sigh>.

supergameboy2650d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait for Luigi's Mansion 2. It's why I haven't traded in my 3DS yet.

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egidem2650d ago

Things are not looking good in Ninty land. They've been on top of the Mobile market for...well as long as I can remember. Their moves and decisions lately seem to be lacking focus in my opinion. Some of the decisions taking place up there at Ninty HQ are just confusing the simple customers.

First a troubled launch of the 3DS. Very few games available to hold some people's interests and also available at a hefty price tag of $250. If memory serves, I don't think any Ninty DS has ever launched at that price tag. Then there is the issue Ninty has been having for past years with the lack of 3rd party support.

To solve that, a price tag was issued- a kick in the gut for early they are adding a peripheral to provide a second pad/stick for gaming, which will innevitably end up in a redesign of the console - another kick to early adopters.

It's as if they are coming up with ideas, throwing them on the wall and going with whatever sticks. It looks like they have no direction whatsoever. Anyway, the 3DS is still so young, they still have time to turn the ship around.

Let's also hope Ninty doesn't make the same mistakes with the upcoming Wii U.

Peaceful_Jelly2650d ago

Nintendo has always been more or less the same. The company has only gone through 1 transformation: before Wada and after Wada.

*Before Wada it was the Nintendo we all knew and loved, arrogant like no other but they had the stuff to back it up. They had a gazillion of games, third party support and they were the #1 at everything.

*After Wada was when the casual garbage started and the downfall of the company with N64 and then they went further down with the GC but got lucky with the Wii and survived.

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smashcrashbash2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I lost faith a long time ago. Was a big Nintendo fanboy but got disappointed to often by them. @ OllieBoy, Old Nintendo was definately better then new Nintendo. SNES and N64 Nintendo were miles better then modern Nintendo. That little con they tried to pull with the 3DS price just shows how corrupt they have become. I know fanboys will hit me hard for saying that but its harsh reality. Sorry.

supergameboy2650d ago

The amazing games are stil there, that's for sure. They just make bad decisions. I don't want to join the bunch of Nintendo haters saying that the company should only make games for others systems, but they should consider getting help from an outside source. They clearly don't know what they're doing at the minute.

smashcrashbash2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I don't know. Nintendo's games seem to have lost a lot of what made them good. Mario Brothers 3 was one of my favourite games. But in comparison, I think many Mario games are not only not as innovative as SMB3 but not as challenging. I brought a Mario game for my DS and finished it in no time. SMG3 took me a while to finish especially certain levels.

People don't get when I criticise Nintendo, its because I dislike what they have become. They were so much better before. I don't hate them but like Rare they used to be so much more. Now they seem to be more interested in making as much shovelware to round off their overused series and do as much handholding as they can for the 'casuals'. When was the last time Nintendo created a new charater that stood out like they used to before?

supergameboy2650d ago

I love Nintendo games and I think they have the best library of games over any developer out there. It's just a shame they've just their way a bit when it comes to dealing with hardware. I just feel like they're out of touch.

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kikizoo2650d ago

Are you living in dreamland ?

"best library" only in your delusional dreams, just check metacritics, 1/PS3, 2/XBOX 3/WII (even if you are comparing the scores froms all the game, wich is not reliable, since a 18 for a wii game, is a 10 for ps3)

mamotte2650d ago

I'm pretty sure you are mistaking "Nintendo games" with "wii games". Check metacritics or gamerankings. Nintendo games rules.

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