Does Nintendo plan a Zelda Wii bundle ?

LiveWii writes : "Well, Nintendo has just confirmed that The Last Story and Pandora's Tower will both come to Europe in 2012. But, further these games, it was also said that some new bundles will be soon unveiled among the Wii Family Edition. So, one reliable source claims a Zelda 25th anniversary Wii bundle is something we could believe in..."

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Kamikaze1352573d ago

General rule of thumb for Nintendo: If we want it, chances are it's not happening.

dark-hollow2573d ago

Really! Americans are messing out a masterpiece thanks to nintendo!

Thanks god I live in the UK. XENOBLADE FTW :D

Kamikaze1352573d ago

I live in the US and still get to play Xenoblade =P

mike1up2572d ago

We'll get Xenoblade eventually. Its selling too well not to come to the US.

just_looken2573d ago

shh don't say that the wii powns everything that's why 3ds has n64/ps2 ports and the ps2 is > than the wii lol.

LoaMcLoa2573d ago

Wtf are you guys talking about?