Capcom's Seth Killian drops knowledge on bulls*** bosses and Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

Bitmob's Sebastian Haley writes: "Capcom Special Advisor Seth Killian tackles an ultra combo of questions while addressing my deep hatred of cheap bosses and my occasional nudge that Lili needs to be in Street Fighter X Tekken or someone's getting stabbed!"

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Sadie21002627d ago

Man, I still can't get excited about the Tekken side of this crossover. :)

choadley2627d ago

I managed to get a lot of my old Tekken favs (Marduk, Julia, probably Asuka) but the outlook for my SF favs are doubtful even though I like SF over Tekken. Think of the Tekken cast as 18-20 new characters.

NagaSotuva2627d ago

I'm not the biggest Tekken fan, but the play mechanics of SFxT look solid enough. I'm buying it!

sack_boi2627d ago

I just saw the leaked roster and Akuma isn't in it. Which means he'll be added later in the game as paid DLC. FU Capcom, I'll wait for the Super, Ultra edition.

Baka-akaB2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

??? the leaked list from (allegedly) lupinko actually got akuma as a secret character , as usual .