GameInformer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preview

We had previously heard that Final Fantasy XIII-2's plot would involve time travel thanks to a mildly spoiler-ish revelation about one of the game's characters. Now Square Enix has revealed that time travel is actually a core gameplay mechanic in the game thanks to a system known as Historia Crux.

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sirdrake2655d ago

Sounds pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to this game. At least they are trying to change things and listen to some of the comments that fans have been making.

trenso12655d ago

Can't wait for this game. And knowing that this game is coming out mean versus will be closer now

Leonesaurus2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I actually think this time traveling idea is pretty cool. Now, I haven't managed to sit down and play FF XIII yet, I'm on FF XIV everyday though, so aside from all the bad things I've heard about FF XIII I might try to learn more about it before trying this one, but I think it's safe to say this game looks much more promising and seeks to redeem itself after many of the fan outcries. Gotta give em some credit.