GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Hands-on Preview: BuzzFocus

The game shows off a significant boost to the visuals in HD, but Activision hopes for a win with multiplayer features.

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cbclerk2655d ago

The franchise that saved Nintendo...

tboyshinobi2654d ago

going to have a problem going head-to-head with MW3. I'll wait for COD. That's THE game to play this november. Activision errored by releasing both so close together.

lastdual2654d ago

Definitely a strange move for Activision to go ahead and canabalize their own sales, although I guess this will sell to some of those who are burned out on COD.

Fil1012654d ago

I've brought every cod since 3 & not anymore, well I might pick up MW3 in the new year but not on release kinda gettin burned out on it, i'm getting BF3 on release & I'm gonna get golden eye on release, does anybody know where I can find a list of game modes for the online multiplayer or tell me if there is a bond evasion mode. info on the PS3 & X360 is pretty scarce at the mo :(