Resistance 3 PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter First Impressions (

Eric of

"Resistance 3 released this week, and along with the regular retail version, Sony released a Doomsday edition which comes with the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter. The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is kind of like a gun shell, where you place the PS Move and Navigation controller in the shell and it turns into a rifle of sorts. It’s built well, and most games make full use of the peripheral. So how does the Sharp Shooter work with Resistance 3? Not as good as I would have liked."

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ncstatefan9532625d ago

Not a big surprise, but still a little bit of a disappointment.

Drekken2625d ago

It works great besides the down the iron controls which I am sure will be patched. Shooting from the hip is very accurate.

himdeel2625d ago

Haven't watched the video yet but the Sharpshooter works great but down the iron sights is broken and moves incredibly slow. Like Drekken said I'm sure it will be patched. Either way I've found the third game that I'll be using my Sharpshooter on a regular basis.

Drekken2625d ago

What are the others? I like it with KZ3 and Modern Combat: Domination.

himdeel2625d ago

Killzone 3, Socom 4, and R3 for me. I have Modern Combat but it's so far down my backlog of games I'll have to give it a go with the Sharpshooter.

TheLiztress2625d ago

Well, they've seem to have done better with utilizing the PlayStation Move than I would have thought. Not knocking Insomniac or anything.

Ares842625d ago

I got the sharpshooter and tried it for Killzone 3. Well I'm not a fan. I do play some move games with friends and family but nothing serious. It's just to have a good time for a little bit. Move and the sharpshooter are just add-ons, and not really good for serious gaming. I'm not into that motion control thing anyways that much, I don't like it. It's good to monkey around with it a little bit but I prefer traditional controls.

nix2625d ago

just picked it up. am gonna use the Move nevertheles.. ((:

KingSlayer2625d ago

Plan on playing this with Move, just not the Sharpshooter. Personal preference, but I'd rather use Move/Nav.

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