GameStop: Retail Devolution

“Some people will be left behind, it's evolution.” - David Sarif, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Cloud gaming firm OnLive had quite a bit of a recent coup when they announced that retail copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution would come with an OnLive code of the same game. It's a great example of the platform's prominence and a nice reward to those consumers that would purchase a PC version of the game at retail. There was a dark cloud [no pun intended] to this silver lining however: GameStop.

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donniebaseball2653d ago

OnLive may or may not be the dominant player when it's all said and done, but I agree that games are going in the online, on-demand service direction. GameStop will no longer matter.

Awesome-Xanto2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

It's not about so called "evolution", to put it simply digital distribution or cloud gaming offers few advantages to the consumer compared to the retail model and is simply not needed. They most significant advantages a consumer will get from digital distribution is possibly a somewhat cheaper cost and instant gaming. But when compared to the disadvantages I can't comprehend why anyone would support that system.

- Internet connection required, internet is not water or electric it's not a standard for living and not everyone has it or can get it. Things happen your internet can go out or go down for days or even weeks.

- Full control to the companies offering these digital products... if they want to take the game away from you they can.

- With "cloud gaming" you have to depend on these companies not going to out of business or removing your game from there servers... retro gaming will most likely disappear. Basically the worst type of DRM possible.

- No portability, you cant take your game to a friends house and you would have to carry a harddrive or your system anywhere you go to game.

- Streaming offers lower quality, compare in any game or movie that is streamed to it's physical counterpart and you will see the difference.

- No resale of old games.

- Most internet services have caps, and this is getting worse... so it "could" potentially cost you more to download or stream a game than just buying the game from the store.

- More trouble for streaming services than download services but if there system is hacked no game playing period, basically the PSN x 10. Why would anyone trust putting all there eggs in one basket? Its asking for trouble.

At the end of the day, the people that are rooting for the digital age are corporations that want more control of the products consumers buy and tech sheep who move to the new technology even if that technology isn't really needed or beneficial to them. So why should I as a consumer move to digital vs retail with the amount of disadvantages it offers me?

This article is nothing more that guesswork about a future that nobody really knows if it "will" actually happen... it's all still up in the air. Until these companies solve these disadvantages I don't see everyone embracing this future.

I fear the day when people no longer need to leave there house to buy things... are we really that lazy now?