True Gamer of the Week: Tony Money

GamerFitNation places a weekly spotlight on Gamer's who are making waves. The goal is to help Non-Gamers see the good in being a Gamer, and to show Gamers like you how you can grow in the industry. Some of your favorite known people will be spotlighted, and maybe you as well. This week GamerFitNation is featuring Tony Money enjoy.

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Congratulations Tony Money!

9thGenHero2653d ago

Tony Money, I met him at PAX East last year, he's fit enough to do the Kid N' Play ;)

CrzyFooL2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

is that the guy who runs around dressed like Lt Dangle from Reno 911? lol

xtheownerzx2653d ago

LOL I was thinking the same thing!

shammgod2653d ago

she dont roll with that clown

Linko642653d ago

wait....errr i dont get it