From Dust PC Patch Is Out Now - Offline Mode Now Available

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has just released the highly anticipated patch for From Dust that offers an offline mode."

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NovusTerminus2658d ago


They had to launch an offline patch? Can someone explain this please?

Cablephish2658d ago

The game was originally had online DRM, although they told Steam this game would not have alway online DRM, so that lead to Steam offering full refunds for this game. That might be why Ubisoft took action with this patch

Cablephish2658d ago

lol, I've heard of highly anticipated games, but highly anticipated patches? That's something else.

nikrel2658d ago

Che k out the playstation blog, ubisoft made a post about from dust coming to the ps3. It has been nothing but piss off style comments, I myself put a comment on there as well. I'm so sick and tired of exclusive or timed games and dlc that were on the xbox first then come to the ps3, screw you ubisoft if you want my buck then treat me the same.

FriedGoat2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Exclusive Assassins creed betas? Prince of persia HD, Splinter Cell HD anyone? I believe Ubi are quite good with the PS3 Community.

dirthurts2658d ago

Did they patch out the rest of the suck?
Or just the offline patch? The article will not load for me.