10 Console Games That Should Only Be Played On a PC

"As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash front to the supposedly more lucrative console market, we’re seeing more and more dodgy PC ports of console games. These games are often much worse on PC than they are on consoles, but it wasn’t always this way. Many games from our past, present and future, though on consoles, are games that should only be enjoyed on a PC. Here are ten picks that typify this dynamic."

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JellyJelly2654d ago

The upcoming Counter Strike game.

pangitkqb2654d ago

I agree with the Premise, but not all of the selections.

The Valve and Bethesda selections were, of course, a proverbial "shoe-in," but I think a few more modern examples would have been more powerful for the sake of the argument.

For example: Crysis 2 was "dumbed down" for consoles, and yet was still far better on PC. Metro 2033 is a beast to run, but on a high end PC it is arguably one of the most visually stunning titles ever.

Then there is the simple fact that even a game ported to PC, if done well, will often look and run better than it's console "original."

Btw, I do love my consoles.

fatalred alarm2654d ago

I still can't believed they messed up the sequel to supreme commander... the first game was amazing.

But noooooo lets decrease the amount of units and buildings and overal army size, no wait! make it more noob friendly like many sequels of otherwise exelent games.

starchild2654d ago

I agree with you. I love my PC and my consoles, but I have to say that gamingbolt articles are mostly just lame. They don't know what they are talking about half the time
and their articles are usually flamebait and fanboyish.

guitarded772654d ago

PC only gamers are such snobs... Mass Effect, Bethesda titles and Valve games do well on consoles. I can understand RTSs being better on PC due to mouse keyboard set-up, but most games are great on consoles and PC.

ChrisW2654d ago Show
bruddahmanmatt2654d ago

One reason that folks with brains should stay away from, because of dumbass articles like these.

ShinMaster2654d ago

Why so stingy?

Is it because of the constant loss of exclusive franchises to consoles? Including the recently announced Crysys(original 2007 game)?

This article is just dumb.

Legionaire20052654d ago


Like Mass Effect 1 and 2 better on PC than 360

Corax2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

They should just say games that should "OR" we recommend only be played on a keyboard and mouse or should have keyboard and mouse support instead of sounding biased. Almost every argument they pose is with a "keyboard and mouse has better controls for this game." I'm not sure about 360 since I rarely play it but I do know PS3 supports keyboard and mouse, 360 should too. But this article just sounds either biased or just hatred that certain games is on console.

@ChrisW Im guessing you have a PS3 to know this right? Im going out on a limb and say you dont own a PS3 or if you do you just own one just to say you have one. Your only impression of PS3 owners are the one's who get online and say PS3 is better than X, Y, Z aka fanboys. When in fact REAL PS3 owners could careless what's better they're just happy they have that game on there system to play. You are a fanboy an stereotypical pc fanboy and just like all other fanboys your presence is not welcome kid

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ATi_Elite2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Sure many of these titles have a console port that No ONE remembers as some of these games have gone totally PC.

Should it be 10 PC titles that should be ported to console correctly? Anyway it's just Flaimbait and offers nothing news worthy! Consolers have there games and PC gamers have our games. Sure we all want Skyrim and BF3 but bad ports are bad ports so unless a dev is gonna take the time to make the game correctly for the PC and console then don't bother gimping the game just to go cross platform.

anyway the first sentence ("As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash front to the supposedly more lucrative console market") was a complete joke cause the PC is not loosing any cash to the consoles. PC Gaming is a whole different business model than console gaming and PC Gamers in general have a different taste in games than consolers.

stevenhiggster2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

"anyway the first sentence ("As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash front to the supposedly more lucrative console market") was a complete joke..."

Even more of a joke considering that's not how you spell LOSE! Journalists these days eh?

evrfighter2654d ago

skyrims not really gonna bother me about it being a port or not because the community will have it stripped and rebuilt for pc gamers.

tee_bag2422653d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. Gimped multiplatforms get on my nerves too but I must remind myself of my younger gaming days - I only had the SNES and I was very grateful to play the SimCity port in all its Gimpy glory.

I must say the article had a pretty average list at that anyway - I'm sure all of us here could each serve up a better top 10.

bozebo2654d ago

No reason why they should only be played on PC, but they may be better played on a PC.

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Shadow02654d ago

I just don't like playing games on PC nearly as much as console. Just an opinion...

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Godmars2902654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

This just comes off as PC fanboy whining.

I mean someone has a problem with the original Doom - the very first Doom - being on the PS1? Really?

thebudgetgamer2654d ago

it doesn't come off that way, that's what it is.

NukaCola2654d ago

The first Doom was on the Super Nintendo too.

MrChow6662654d ago

it had jaguar, 32x, saturn,3do versions too

buddymagoo2654d ago

PC gaming is great but it is missing out on a lot of big hitters like Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3 those that I don't think I could live without. I'd say my gaming time is split 50/50 console/PC

Laika2654d ago

ya i agree. i think each generation you need at least one console (ps3 imo) and one decent gaming pc to play the majority of the great games out there.

Kamikaze1352654d ago

Agreed. I own a gaming PC and a PS3. I play all multiplatform games on the PC since it's superior to it's console counterpart, but all console exclusives on the PS3 and enjoy them just as much as I enjoy my PC games.

dirthurts2654d ago

I agree.
I own a 360 for gears, a PS3 for uncharted, and everything else is on pc for me.

Shadowaste2654d ago

thats what emulation is for, making great consoles games, even better!

also, most gamers that are hardcore enough to go out an build their own gaming machine, also own every console, or one or two of them, all my pc gamer friends have either a ps3 or 360, most of them have both and a wii

i have all 3, and still got a ds and my ps2 is hooked up to an old tube tv in the workout room for whnen i get nostalgic, usually i emulate those game though as they look so much better on pc, just like uncharted 3 and killzone 3 will when i emulate them in a couple years!

btw, yes, i already played them, but i will play them again on pc in a few years in 1200p


Ravenor2654d ago

@Everyone above

You're doing it right.

bozebo2654d ago

sense is being made here

jack_burt0n2654d ago

choose your platform by lead platform, means about a 70/30 ps3/PC split for me.

SilentNegotiator2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

"thats what emulation is for, making great consoles games, even better!"
Have fun with current generation games in.....what, 2020?


Saladfax2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

This is probably the most enlightened comments section I've ever seen on N4G. (Almost) none of that petty elitism or bickering; just a genuine affection for good games in any form, shape, size and style.


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DragonKnight2654d ago

Sounds like the PC fanboys that wrote this article are whining that the PC doesn't have more exclusives.

caboose322654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

What are you talking about?

There are two great pc exclusives coming out next Tuesday, Hard Reset and Red Orchestra 2. I have actually payed both and can say that they are both amazing games.

Don't be a complete a**hole man, there is no need for that snobby attitude here.

Solid_Snake-2654d ago

go back to your console kid. you dont suit trolling PC.

as caboose said. red orchestra 2 and hard reset say HI.

DragonKnight2654d ago

I didn't say that the PC doesn't have exclusives at all. I said that these guys whining about old games that don't matter anymore that should only be on PC are complaining about not having more PC exclusives. The fact that they want these games ONLY ON PC proves that much. Stop being so damned sensitive about your precious.

Ravenor2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Reading comprehension ftw, it's an article about Games that are simply better on the PC. When they say "Only on" they are basically saying all other versions of these games were sorely lacking the things that made the PC version so awesome.

Exclusives are not the be all and end all, being exclusive does not make a game better. The lack of big budget exclusives on the PC doesn't really matter, it doesn't change anything and make the PC any less awesome a platform for playing video games.

Anyone who says "PC Fanboys" just sounds butthurt and MAYBE, a tad jealous.

B00M2654d ago

caboose32 - I just tried the demo of Hard Reset and I thought it sucked hard! Looked alright, but the gameplay and ideas and story were just generic and cheesy. Red Orchestra 2 on the other hand, looks to be amazing! Might have to lay down the money for that one.

bozebo2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

PC has far more exclusives than consoles, without even including 'last gen' PC games. Console gamers just don't know they exist because they are not heavily marketed.

DragonKnight2654d ago

@Ravenor: Yeah, that's what he was talking about. How they only play better on PC. He couldn't possibly be saying that the games shouldn't have been on consoles to begin with right? Elitists never do that do they? /s

And yeah, I'm sooooooooooooooooo jealous of the PC when all it offers over consoles is graphics and mods (the only difference between mods and DLC is price). Obviously I say PC fanboys because that term has nothing to do with PC gamers who act smug and superior and has everything to do with my being envious. Oh, but wait, I'm using a laptop that can play games to type this right now. *gasp* I wasn't aware that I could be jealous whilst having the ability to use my laptop to play games. Wow, thanks for that lesson.


ATi_Elite2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Red Orchestra 2
Hard Reset
Guild Wars 2
Nuclear Dawn
Natural Selection 2
Black Prophecy
Diablo 3
The Secret World

Oh this? this is just a brief list of PC Exclusives i'll be getting in the next 5 months.

and here's some more PC Exclusives scheduled for release in the next 8 months
Star Wars The Old Republic
Crytek's Warface
Metro Conflict:Presto
Stronghold 3
Tracmania 2
Might & Magic Heroes VI
Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter
The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard
End of Nations
Fallout MMO
Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swarm

Looks like a lot of PC Exclusives to me and this isn't even half the PC Exclusive list for the next 8 months!!

Ilikegames762654d ago

I'm anticipating Diablo 3, I hope Blizzards will let us play without connecting to their servers. I bought Starcraft2, but couldn't play it with my friends in the office after office hours. Our computers are behind a firewall which sucks since we can't connect to the Blizzard's server. I miss the old Starcraft way of playing. Ever since Blizzards merge with Activision, they got greedy.

DragonKnight2654d ago

@ATI_Elite: *sigh* I guess PC fanboys are incapable of actually reading. So I say again. I AM NOT SAYING THE PC DOES NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVES. I'M SAYING THIS ARTICLE IS A WHINING ARTICLE WANTING MORE EXCLUSIVES! Do you understand now after that unfortunate All Caps emphasis? Geez, I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say the same damn thing over and over. Apparently, the only thing any PC fanboys are capable of seeing are the words "PC iz teh pwnzors over teh consoles. W3 0N1Y 5P34K 1337"

andibandit2654d ago

I agree with DragonKnight

PC's suck

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spektical2654d ago

i think we can all agree that RTS games are meant for PC only.

everything else can work in some way.

And yes i do know civilization revolution was a dandy on the consoles, but it just felt restricting as far as navigation is concerned.

Kamikaze1352654d ago

I tried playing Command & Conquer on the was a nightmare. I wouldn't mind playing with the Move or even the Wii remote, but no RTS has been released that uses it.

just_looken2654d ago


Fyi there are move rts games top of my head there are 2 ruse being #1.

STONEY42654d ago

You'll never get a lightning paced RTS on a console properly though. Not even Move would be able to keep up with something like Starcraft 2 where your doing over a hundred actions per minutes.

Ilikegames762654d ago

I wonder if they release Starcraft 2 for the PS3, will it support mouse and keyboard input? If Diablo 3 is ported to the PS3, move support will be a welcome way of playing.

CrimsonEngage2654d ago

Have to disagree. If the RTS is made exclusive to console such as Halo Wars then they can be very good.

Gran Touring2654d ago

Problem is, Halo wars was garbage.

GameOn2654d ago

I enjoyed it and look forward the the next one.

Ravenor2654d ago


Yeah the next one from Ensemble...oh wait nevermind. Halo Wars was garbage, and people who say it isn't clearly haven't played many RTS games.

Legion2654d ago

Halo Wars was a great game and was done very well on the PC. And as for RTS gaming... I've been playing RTS games since Utopia on the Intellivision and Herzog Zwei on the Genesis. I never cared for Command and Conquer (go ahead and scream at me now) but I loved the Close Combat series'.

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kikizoo2654d ago

Move is perfect for that...

"As PC gaming continues to loose out on the cash front to the supposedly more lucrative console market, we’re seeing more and more dodgy PC ports of console games"

lol, i can the smell the old xfanboy becoming a nwe pcfanboy, but one thiong does'nt change : always saying craps..
"supposedly" : it's a fact dumbo, "dodgy ports" : like multiplatforms for consoles, not optimised for superior ps3 harware, and it's not console's faults, but because all pc on the market don't have best cpu and best gpu ! you always have to wait 4,5 years to see some real benefits from your powerfull new hardware, they just can't kill their products with games that can only be played with most powerfull pc.

newn4gguy2654d ago

R.U.S.E. easily has the best console controls of any RTS, thanks to Move.

If you haven't played it, I highly suggest it. Seriously.

While kikizoo does seem a bit insane...he's right. Move IS perfect for RTS's.

andibandit2654d ago


Yeah RTS games for sure.
also MMO's.
problably also Strategy games.
flight/heli Simulators for sure.
Battlefield series(for the 64player cap)

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Shubhankar2654d ago

Completely agree with Origins. DA:O sucked real bad on the consoles.

malol2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Its nice on PC but the controls kinda suck
you need to get used to it

Shubhankar2654d ago

The textures and controls on the 360 and PS3 were even worse. Add to that the fact that you didn't have sticky keys, zooming out camera and other loads of stuff, and it's clear that the PC version is MUCH, MUCH superior.

Hicken2654d ago

But... wasn't it up for GOTY on consoles?

A game lacking things doesn't mean it wasn't good. It means it was that much better WITH those things. I absolutely LOVED Dragon Age, but I can admit that the game would've been better with the features that PC got.

It's that sort of attitude that gets people to thinking about "elitists" and such. "A game can't be good without this, this, and this. Even if the storyline's still great and the controls are effective (for whatever platform), it still sucks because it doesn't have everything the PC version does."

Does a Z06 Corvette suck because it isn't a ZR1? I'm pretty sure it's still a great car; it just can't perform as well as its more finely tuned sibling.

Shubhankar2654d ago

Of course a game isn't good if it lacks the features that MAKE it good otherwise. :-/

Hicken2654d ago

It seems you missed the entire point. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Even WITHOUT the features that "make" it good (and isn't that stuff just standard fare on PC, anyway?) the game was STILL good. Which means it was BETTER on PC, not BAD on consoles.

Parapraxis2654d ago

Portal 2 was fantastic on PS3.

kramun2654d ago Show
Parapraxis2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

That doesn't make the PS3 version bad. (personally the local split screen co-op was great and a lot easier to do on a PS3 for many people)
Sure the PC version is better in regards to visuals (IF YOU HAVE A DECENT PC), but other than that the PS3 version was great.

Also "better to play", what does that even mean?

Stop with the arrogance.

EDIT:The only person not being able to admit something is the guy who has to chime in "better on pc" after my first comment.
Portal 2 was fantastic on PS3. Deal with it.
Put you pc-e-peen away for a moment and realize that you are making a subjective statement. Just like I was from personal experience and preference. (Protip, I agreed the PC version was better)

cpayne932654d ago

I would say that since it is a puzzle game, it doesn't require the precision of a mouse, so the console version was not too different from pc. I got it on ps3 for the local co op though.