DGP's Driver: San Francisco Review

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DGP: "Driver: San Francisco is a spectacular return to form that caters to its long-time fanbase whilst bringing it bang up to date with a torrent of innovation. The Wheelman is well and truly back, and it’s about time frankly."

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jasontilley2653d ago

it's an amazing game, and it is one of those games that gives you a buz. But there is a downside, the fact that there is no online feature realy sucks, and this should be introduced for better game play. overall rating of the game: 8/10

StartWars2653d ago

No online feature? It has online multiplayer, and it's rather good!

jasontilley2653d ago

thats only if you get the official game, my mate has a chiped xbox, even tho he can get online the game does not have this feature so i am hoping to get enough money to buy it.