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Garnett Lee writes: Whether it's another run through the game at a harder difficulty, or co-op, or multiplayer, I'll definitely be playing more. That's the surest sign of its success and the reason I have no hesitation saying that Resistance 3 now holds the crown as the best PS3 exclusive shooter.

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MrDead2656d ago

Picking it up tomorrow, cant wait to play this monster

Ron_Danger2656d ago

You won't believe how good the weather effects are in this game... Dust flies everywhere and trees blow over... It's crazy!

Holeran2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

ya the weather effects in this game are phenomenal, I have yet to experience this kind of weather and particle effects in any other game. LOL some ass gave you a disagree because I'm sure he's never played it.

Holeran2656d ago

I do have to agree this game probably took the fps crown for the ps3 and I own every shooter that ps3 has ever had. The game is nothing short of epic. I have finished 15 of the 20 chapters and played co-op to that level as well, level 18 in the multiplayer and absolutely love the game.

beavis4play2656d ago

my only complaint on the game is a small one - seems like it's way too easy to get hung up on stuff and 2 times i had to start levels over due to glitches.
however - the weapon wheel being back and the fun upgrades for the guns - not to mention the guns themselves, are all huge positives and very fun. also, the detail in the enemies is very impressive too.
the last third of the game (starting when it takes an unforseen turn - people who have played should know what i'm talking about) is a crazy good time. and once you hit new york?.....the combat is impressive - not to mention the blasted battlefield that was once new york.

i can't wait to play the co-op portion of the game.

Mutley4162656d ago

RFOM i thought was a true break through...the modes, Clans, Multiplayer, maps and joining system... Insomniac is a out standing game maker...gonna play this weekend til my eyes bleed :)

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