PAX 2011 Lollipop Chainsaw Interview - GotGame

The upcoming video game collaboration between the director of the cult hit ‘SUPER’, James Gunn and the creator of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, Suda51 features a young cheerleader who must take on a high school full of zombies while saving every student she can. Sounds interesting enough already, I know. But then throw in some over the top brawler action and more rainbows and hearts than a Lisa Frank binder and you start to see what makes Lollipop Chainsaw such a thrill. We got a chance to talk with the games Producer, Scott Warr while we were at PAX to find out conclusively, once and for all if the game will feature Zombies Unicorns, who that talking head our perky heroine is carrying around is and just how we’ll be kicking ass gameplay-wise.

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