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The Controller Online writes: "They're practically making me give it away at this point, but during Deus Ex: Human Revolution Adam Jensen finds himself on a three day ocean freighter ride. We assumed he slept the whole time, but that's not the case. If you haven't reached this part, I suggest you get on it so you'll have some context. This DLC will offer fresh new areas and an opportunity to re-do all of your augmentations. Look for The Missing Link in October."

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SCW19822630d ago

I loved this game but i cant help but feel like this is original content that was pulled. :(

Solidus187-SCMilk2630d ago

The games already really long without it and they are still working on it, its not like it out already.

Even if it was pulled it could have been for good reasons too. maybe it wasnt ready, or maybe it is more of a side story.

Also, this game have been in development along time. maybe they originally planned for him to just be in that crate the whole time and after the game was finished they thought they could tell an intersting side story from that part. thats actually what it seems like to me.

I think this game has been finished and in polishing stages for while and they probably came up with this idea after the game parts were finalized and squeezed in a side story. Because in the actual game it just seems like he goes to sleep in a pod for 3 days. He even tells prichard that hes "going off the grid for a while" witch I thought meant he was going to sleep in a pod the whole time. I mean, if he got out couldnt he have contacted Pritchard from the boat once he left the pod thing?

either way, I loved this game and the series and I will buy this DLC hoping that its good as SP FPS are my favorite games.

clarkjudo2629d ago

I agree on the reasons surrounding this DLC. My guess was the also same in that Adam is involved in a rather vivid dream state. :)

chriski3332630d ago

Now that was cool! Can't wait this game is wicked good wicked good