Get ready for 40 weeks of Saints Row 3 DLC

VGW: THQ CEO Brian Farrell is a vocal proponent of cloud gaming services — evidenced by the company’s frequent partnership deals with OnLive. Fittingly, Farrell recently wrapped up a keynote speech at the Cloud Gaming USA conference in San Diego. In addition to serving up some compelling arguments for the case of disc-less consoles, he also dropped a staggering factoid about the company’s upcoming sandbox action game Saints Row 3.

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Solbadguy2655d ago

So pretty much all the stuff they needed to cut out so they can fit it on DVD.

xruiner892655d ago

They can't be serious. Way to taint what could of been an amazing game. And it's obviously not going to be free.

BlmThug2654d ago

I love SR but thats taking DLC milking to another step

BadKarmaSutra962654d ago

Sounds like I'll save it for next summer instead of preordering.

Quagmire2653d ago

Im waiting for the GOTY edition of many games now considering all this DLC bullshit.

Like Arkham City, theyve got so many pre-order bonus bullshit, its hard to keep track, so I'll just wait for the bundled editions.

BadKarmaSutra962653d ago

I used to make it a point to keep a year behind the new release curve so I could either 1 - get it used cheap or 2 - get the game bundle. But the last few years I had been burning through games so fast I caught up to the wave.

Quagmire2653d ago

Damn you're lucky. Ive got so many games on hold, there's not enough time to get through all of them and get up to where I would like to be. Im still playing games from LAST YEAR!

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