Halo Anniversary: Stunning, Nostalgic and A Game Changer For FPS Titles | RandomProdInc

When Halo was originally launched with the Xbox ten years ago, it was a game changer. We look at how Combat Evolved Anniversary edition is coming along and how it could be a game changer amongst todays FPS titles.

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Jensen2656d ago

kool for halo and 360 fans...

ps3 only owners.. doubt they care.

_Aarix_2656d ago

Cant tell which statement their disagreeing on.

Jensen2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

ok so you ps3 only owners care about halo? a game that isnt ever going to be o na sony console.. the fanboys here are ridiculous... -____-"

please tell me why you would disagree with my statement @disagrees.

MerkinMax2656d ago

Possible reasons people disagreed.

1. Spelled cool with a k
2. Mentioned PS3 owners for no reason at all.
3. See 2

Jensen2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

guess so...

Flavor2656d ago

HALO was a PC exclusive until Microsoft purchased Bungie during development... OH WEEP FOR PC GAMER MASTER RACE, what could have been...

Looking back, Japanese games had dominated up until the coming of XBOX, and US gamers simply had no franchises they could call their own on a cultural, intuitive level.

HALO sounded the funeral dirge for the entire Japanese gaming industry in the American market. Would MSFT have succeeded with any other title to launch the XBOX? Only Marty Mcfly knows.

Reorienting the center of interactive entertainment from east to west is what HALO is should be remembered for.

electricshadow2656d ago

SO excited for this to come out. Halo CE was one of my favorite games of all time.