Why Blu-Ray On X360 Will Not Happen

ObnoxiousGamer: With the recent "reported" rumor that the Xbox 360 would be creating an external Blu-Ray drive for its system to compete with Sony's PS3 Blu-Ray player, here are a few reasons this wouldn't work or happen.

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Blaze9292655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

kinda pointless add-on to be honest since games won't use it. I say wont too because there's no way games CAN use it without completely shattering the audience already made.

...unless they do some kinda recall program to send in a 360 so they can put a blu-ray drive in it and send it back.

But let's be real

2655d ago
gamingdroid2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

It wouldn't just be "kinda" pointless, it would be completely pointless.

A stand-alone brand name Blu-Ray player can be had for less than $100. How much will a clunky add-on cost that is only used to play movies?

I never once heard any Xbox 360 owner say: gee, I wish the Xbox 360 had Blu-Ray!

darthv722655d ago

yet there are those who like to keep thinking it will. Like MGS4 on the 360. Yeah I wanted to see it happen but gave up on it and got it for the ps3 (didnt have a ps3 at the time all the rumors were flying).

Bluray is doing more for other companies than even sony. Samsung, LG, Sanyo...etc that all make stand alone movie players. They are all adding in web connectivity so the only reason to get a ps3 would be for games.

So far there have only been first and second party games that come close to quantifying the use of bluray for games. For the most part the format is used as a way to prevent copying ps3 games. The games are capable of fitting on dvd but the question is why?

Sony invested lots of advertising and $$$ to make blu their format of choice. MS hasnt a vested interest in the tech like sony does. Sony has more to lose than MS from this kind of venture but MS isnt doing it so it needs to stop.

IF MS were to use a higher capacity format for "GAMES" then they would likely revive the hddvd. Cost to mfg the discs and the drives are not that different from existing cost of dvd. Sony will be the only ones to use bluray for games as nintendo is using something different in the wii-u and ms will either go all digital on the 720 or go with something that is cost effective while providing space for developers to use.

Excalibur2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

There is no point in adding blu-ray to this gen as we are on the tail of it but a higher capacity disk will be a must have for next gen, M$ will have to come up with "something" or bite the bullet and adopt blu-ray.

They tied their hands with development on requirements with devs and the arcade model, they shouldn't make that same stupid mistake again.

theonlylolking2655d ago

Its M$ they make many stupid mistakes but they have the money to buy themselves out of their mistakes...for now.

ps3deo2655d ago

It doesn't matter if blu-ray will be on xbox 360. It is pointless now and extremely late. I was reading at that PlayStation 4 will have DVR capabilities. Xbox is so far behind, the blu ray has been on the PS3. I bet once PS4 is released it will take another 6 years for Xbox to copy them on the DVR. Do something original.

maniacmayhem2655d ago

MS has been talking about doing DVR for a while now.

I'm sure ps4 and the next box will incorporate this.

EdwardS0872655d ago

Do something original? lol I won't even dignify that with a response beyond this. Wow.

gamingdroid2655d ago

I believe the Xbox 360 is getting Live TV with DVR functionality soon. At least that is what was hinted at at MS E3 conference.

death2smoochie2655d ago


And we never knew Sony invented and held all the rights to DVR...
Another delusional Fanboy

NotSoSilentBob2655d ago

Sony already has DVR in the EU/Asia markets with the PlayTV for EU and Tome for Asia. It would be in the USA but with all the copy-right of TV broadcasters Sony would have to have a monthly fee added on to the DVR function of the PS3 to cover fees.

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Inzo2655d ago

*Waiting for the next article*
"five reasons why xbox must get blu-ray"
and then
"five reasons why xbox must not get blu-ray"

........................*any minute now*

lzim2655d ago

and an official response from MS denying it again.

maniacmayhem2655d ago

Everyone who wants a blu-ray either has a stand alone or a ps3. For MS to release an add on this late in the game is ridiculous.

darthv722655d ago

an LG bluray player for watching movies. I dont use the ps3 for anything other than games.

just_looken2655d ago

wait wait you bought 2 blu ray players 1 sony which is the best drive (not for movies) the other a off brand (for movies) that's like buying a durmax for show and a f250 for your general use and hauling lol.

darthv722655d ago

I know...crazy right. As if there would be a need for more than one with more than one tv in the house.

I just prefer to game on one screen (42" samsung plasma) and watch the movies on another (47" LG lcd). Until i got the lg I did use the ps3 for everything including up scaling.

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