Do Hardware Add-ons Sell More Systems or Hurt Them?

With the announcement of a thumbstick add-on for the 3DS this week, Sarcastic Gamer takes you back through some history of other popular hardware add-ons. Did they really help or hinder sales?

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Misterhbk2570d ago

Not sure how this will effect the 3DS, but one thing is for certain, add-ons don't have a very strong history.

DarkCharizard_2570d ago

Judging ow successful Wii peripherals were and Kinect(if u call that one), I'd say they sell more systems ;)

Misterhbk2570d ago

2 examples of successful add ons

The list of failed ones would be much longer, I can assure you.

N4SIR2567d ago

dark charizard. you are seriously naive comparing that 3DS add on to a wii peripheral or kinect.

you don't get wii peripherals that bulk up the wii and make it look like SH**.

the kinect doesn't connect to the xbox and bulk the crap out of it.

the 3DS circle pad add on is full of fail.

DrFUD2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

360 is the Lord and master of add-ons - ask them

SyluxPT2569d ago

Will Hurt sales, and i will buy Vita :D

kingPoS2569d ago

What add-ons? (continues to sports champions in the background)