Skyrim: Nine things to do first

OXM UK: "Being asked to write a "where to go" feature about The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim on the strength of Penny Arcade Expo revelations and what the internet's pinched out in the meantime. That's like holding up a dictionary to a toddler, flicking through the pages, and telling it to get on with its first novel."

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TrevorPhillips2539d ago

Cannot wait to spend 5 billions hours on this game lol :)

NuclearDuke2539d ago

I am afraid to tell you that is not possible.

Swiggins2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

You dare doubt the power of the Cosmic Jewish Zombie!?



DarkBlood2538d ago

because the system will burn out long before then :P

Legion2538d ago

Well if you keep sleeping 24hrs in game then it won't take but a few years to get to 5 billion in game hours. ha

Solidus187-SCMilk2539d ago

this game looks great. The first thing I will do is try and create a character that looks like me but ends up looking retarded, so I will probably be that dark elf guy again.

Then I will look for someone to kill so I can take their armor. Like in morrowind that guy tries to rob you at the beginning and I killed him and took his armor.

BeOneWithTheGun2538d ago

First thing i am doing is looking for a giant and mammoth to fight.

Pintheshadows2538d ago

A man after my own heart. In a strictly plutonic way of course.

newn4gguy2538d ago

It's "platonic".

(I hope.)

MagicAccent2538d ago

I know what I'm gonna do first..


ethan2538d ago

Well sir, I hope you enjoy the next 570,776 years it is going to take you to reach that 5 billion hour goal...and that's without taking a single break during playtime. I salute your commitment ;)

ChrisW2538d ago

First thing I'm going to do is wait for the game to be released and then I'm going to buy it. After that... I'll consider doing some of the things on that list.

JL2538d ago

I'm with you on that one. Just as soon as I get through with UC3, Skyrim will be getting a TON of playtime from me. I think I had somewhere between 250 and 300 hrs on Oblivion.

Nevers2538d ago

I'm thinking the first thing I'll do is download it and take a nice long trek to the bathroom so I have nothing that interrupts my first 10hrs + ... Yeah... definitely the bathroom will be my first priority.

sphinct2538d ago

My personal life will disappear with the release of this game.

tairas2534d ago

so you dont plan on playng elder scrolls vi
or the next?

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dirthurts2539d ago

I'm pretty sure you can only do one thing first...
unless my math is jacked.

JellyJelly2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

What if I play it on 9 computers simultaneously using 16 surgically attached bionic arms, lining up 9 different actions then executing them at the exact same time? Didn't think of that, did you?

dirthurts2539d ago

Well, no sir I didn't. I think you got me. ha ha.

SasquatchXD2538d ago

well one of the things involved ambling around so that would be done over time, and technically as soon as you start the game you will not be in the dark brotherhood..

though my point is as bad as my sentence structure

WhiteLightning2539d ago

Hopefully if they've added unqiue weapons like they did in Fallout 3. I will look for one of them I can use for the early parts of the game or even try and find the hardest one as an low level to give me a challenge.

I hope to god we don't get random loot of the playthroughs on Oblivion I walked out of the sewer and the first chest I opened had a water walking necklace in it...I mean come on, I want to <example scenario> fight through high leveled skeltons guarding a tower so I can fight my way to the top to steal a unqiue powerfull staff

dark-hollow2539d ago

I don't think it's pure random.
I found the same necklace in the sewers.
Besides, walking on water is not such a rare ability.

WhiteLightning2539d ago

It was an example, plus how early it was in the game.

I'm also talking about the powerful weapons and items you could find that had been enchanted. Most of them felt like you should of earned them instead.

RedDead2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Oblivion was close enough to pure random, there were a few pre placed objects but not many, opposite in Skyrim :) or so they say. In Oblivion the loot was inspired by you're level and one of the reasons I hate Level scaling.

bloodybutcher2538d ago

you think JC had this necklace?

Sean Ryno2539d ago

First thing I and every other intelligent gamer will do: Go to computer and search in Google or maybe YouTube for glitch where I can clone objects an unlimited number of times or take an unlimited amount of moneys out of some dead morons pocket. Use resulting fortune to accomplish pretty much anything I wish in the game without having to spend countless hours doin lame missions and 'running'.

Simco8762539d ago

What a waste of 59.99... but you're probably going to torrent the game anyways.

Sean Ryno2539d ago

Not a waste at all, I thoroughly loved morrowind (hope skyrim is much more like that) just don't have the kind of time I had when I was 16 to play it out to that extent. Still I want to have the best armor/perks and get to experience the more entertaining parts of the game.

ArabianKnight012538d ago

Yea know... to each their own as long as your having fun but the fact you decided to throw in "Intelligent gamer" into your comment just goes to show how ignorant I believe your statement truly is and I definitely don't agree with your method of enjoyment of such a brilliant game Skyrim is sure to be! SMH!

Hozi892538d ago

I agree. I thought intelligent meant smart. As far as I know cheating via glitches and duplicating stuff takes all the fun away. It is something I would only do if I've beaten the game already.

Darrius Cole2538d ago

I never to do that on the first playthrough. The first playthrough should be to just do what feels natural.

Angrymorgan2539d ago

"Faendal hates Sven's light-heartedness, and Sven thinks Faendal is a dick"

Lol'd so hard :)

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