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Objective2653d ago

As usual, only cut scenes are gorgeous.

Peaceful_Jelly2653d ago

true that. Most of the pics are clearly from cut-scenes and the 3 of them that are real-time look blurry as hell like a PS2 game. =/


BubbleSniper2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

are we looking at the same game here? there is plenty of detail in the battle screens. after FFXIII all i hope is for this game to be much longer, have plenty of optional stuff and itemization. something that, to me, FFXIII lacked.

it doesnt look blurry to me either, and i game on PC A LOT so everything usually looks blurry to me even RL.

i dont think GB's shots do the game justice. its not a bad looking game by any means.

Tanir2652d ago

those morons obviously never played the game or played it on the 360

Chocorocket2649d ago

wich means nothing of these will be on it...did u saw the E3 live gameplay? it the EXACTLY same thing like ff13 means another crapy ff linear-smashin ONE button till the and with auto combat wannabe rpg..ff13 is the worst in the series and it seems ff13-2 will be no different argue or thumbs down as much u like but facts stands.this check all the sites...this is the worst in the series,linear,auto combat,no exploration,lamest characters in ff history (vanille-afro guy-crybaby kid anyone?)hell i finished this game just by pressing the x button.move along PPL nothing new here its all just copy past wait for the true ff of this gen wich is FF versus,Nomura = 100% pro tho its a ps3 exclusive so go buy a ps3

iamtehpwn2653d ago

Finally! Some Lightning gameplay!

BigDollarZoe9542653d ago

Can't wait like some of lighting gameplay shots Square Enix is making some good moves right now this game is lookin to be something great

Chocorocket2649d ago

this game sucks its the worst of the series deal with it

BigDollarZoe9542648d ago

Was a good game experience for me developers can't satisfy everyone hater so deal with it