Driver: San Francisco review [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "A return to form for the original wheelman, Driver: San Francisco gives you a big city, a huge garage and a massive amount of tyre smoke. It might be a little daft in the head, but you'll be powersliding for a long time with a massive grin on your face."

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Legion2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

"It’s the perfect replay fodder for the Film Director mode,..." this answers my first concern. Will Film director mode be a part of it? Yes, YEAH!

My favorite part about the original Driver was being able to record my crazy drive through San Francisco with a movie like view of it all. And having my friends watch the crazy jumps and near misses of some of the chase scenes.

I recall editing one of my play throughs forever just to get that perfect cinematic view of when I raced up a San Francisco hill to launch over 2 on coming police cars just as I got to the top and making a hair pin right turn causing two other cars to crash into each other, and getting away scot-free!

Driver needed to get back to it's San Francisco roots. Nothing like fast chases through steep hills and curves. Best city ever for a driving game!