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GR-UK: "That unrelenting action, which sees you pinball between rucks, is gratifyingly fun due to the emphasis on melee over gunplay."

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Myst2657d ago

Saddening to see this seems to be getting low scores all about. May have to attempt to rent it this weekend at least since I don't have enough to buy it yet. Hopefully some places still have a few copies.

ATi_Elite2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Nah i find the game to be a solid 8.

many wanna just compare it to Gears but it's NOT a GEARS clone but since it lacks a cover system they rate it low. Many reviewers have no clue to what Space Marine is doing because these same idiots most likely have not played the RTS series. The game maintains the feel of the RTS series very well.

Space marine is a great hack n slash game with solid shooting mechanics. Here's a solid review of the game from people who KNOW what Warhammer 40K is all about.

unlike the clowns who did this review who's first 2 sentences were Gears this and Master Chief that!! These MORONS no nothing about the Warhammer 40K universe or the Dawn of War RTS series that Space Marine so very well maintains the feel of while transitioning to a 3rdPS/ Melee combat game!

Once again great Job can i get Dawn of War 3 or more DOW2 DLC!!

The Emperor Protects!

Myst2657d ago

Nice thanks for the review and yeah since playing the RTS series I have been pushing myself more so into the realm of 40,000. Honestly I wouldn't mind some more DoW2 DLC until that fated announcement of DoW3.

Only question becomes do I want this on PC or PS3. I mean everything on my PC is Warhammer (save for Kill team which I am still holding out for in a way).